What is the theoretical explanation or mechanism for the benefits of NLP? Here we are looking for a description of the major ideas. – Essaylink

APA citations, given two websites (one with a video), 1250 word MAX

NLP Techniques | NLP Fast Phobia Cure

Feel free to use other sources of information
1. According to the web page and video, what benefit(s) is expected from NLP? (what might it get you)? (5)
2. What kind of claim (frequency, association, causal) do the web page and video appear to make? [a sentence for the claim; a sentence or two to explain your reasoning.] (10)
3. What is the theoretical explanation or mechanism for the benefits of NLP? Here we are looking for a description of the major ideas. (10)
4. Pick one of the claims from item 1 (ok if there is only one). Using your ability to search for information, what evidence (literature, empirical or not), is there to support or refute the claim? Find 3 relevant sources, at least one from a peer-reviewed journal – summarize the salient points for each source, and explain how credible your sources are and why (based on credibility as explained by the textbook). You should be able to accomplish this in one to two paragraphs (one for summaries and one for credibility ratings or all together). Include in-text citations and include them in a reference list at the end of your paper (APA format). You may have trouble finding any peer-reviewed journal articles that are directly relevant to the claim. If so, you can use articles that are logically related instead (Do other articles support or refute the explanatory mechanism hypothesized to explain the effect? Are there related claims that increase or decrease the plausibility of the claim? Etc.) (30; 10 per article)
5. Suppose you wanted to evaluate a claim that using NLP has positive results. Using one of the benefits you described in the answer to question 1 (above), describe a study that would let you test whether using NLP results in the benefit. [There are many possible ways to do this; just propose something that would be practically feasible and makes sense. You should propose something that has at least two groups where people are assigned to group or treatment.] Alternatively, you may devise a study that would more directly address one of the more basic elements of the theory. For example, can you devise an effective phobia treatment that is deliberately missing something that the theory says is necessary?
a. Describe the independent variable – How would you assign? [a sentence] (10)
b. Describe the dependent variable – How would you measure it? [a sentence up to a paragraph.] (10)
c. Describe the sample of people (what kind of people, how many people, etc.) [a paragraph] (10)
d. Will you tell your participants that they are in a study about NLP? Why or why not? [a paragraph] (10)
e. Describe the procedure – How would you gather the data? [a paragraph] (20)
f. What kind of table or chart could you produce that would show whether there was an association between your IV and DV? How would you use the results of your study to decide if NLP is effective (or if NLP theory is sound)? [You don’t have to produce a table or statistical analysis – just describe how you would know the outcome of the study.] [a paragraph] (10)
g. Explain why the result your study is compelling or meaningful from the standpoint of the data-theory cycle. [a paragraph] (10)

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