UT Persuading People to Buy My Companys Cooking Oil Presentation


The first thing you have to ask them is three questions
Then get to know yourself and the topic of presentation
Then you enter the presentation, and it is all supposed to be positive, and you try to convince them that they do something or buy something. I mean, the most important thing is to convince them.
And then finally, three sections are needed
The first thing to do is make an abbreviation of the three most important points in the presentation
And second, what is the step that they must do?
And thirdly, what will they benefit from if they do it?   This is the information from prof.  This is the final, graded presentation for the class.  It should incorporate EVERYTHING you’ve learned about public speaking and presentations. Business Casual or Business Professional attire is required. 

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Time Start:________ Time End:__________
Individual Persuasive Presentation
Opening (15%)
Started without establishing rapport
and allowed no opportunity for
audience engagement.
Used question opening, story, or
startling fact, but in an ineffective
way that didn’t establish a
relationship with audience or
build suspense.
Anxiety Management (10%)
Seemed anxious, spoke too quickly,
and lost flow of presentation.
Had few nervous tics or
Appeared confident and in control
mannerisms. Was able to maintain of the room. No noticeable
smooth flow to presentation.
distracting tics or mannerisms.
Sense Rich Images (15%)
Tended to use facts rather than
invoking the senses. Had no pauses
between ideas.
Invoked at least one sense by
using adjectives, simile, or
metaphors, etc., so that the
audience related to the persuasive
situation. Had very brief pauses.
Invoked at least two senses by
vividly describing
problem/situation; used pauses
after each description so that
audience was fully engaged.
Use of Persuasion (25%)
Was not clear about the problem or
need that was prompting the
presentation. Used “I” almost
exclusively. Ideas were not logically
developed so that audience could see
why they should be persuaded.
Mentioned problem or need, but
did not clearly tie solution/ideas
to how they solve/satisfy it.
Tended to use more “I” (rather
than “you”) language. Ideas were
Explained clearly how ideas solved
a problem or satisfied a need.
Good use of “other” language.
Presented ideas clearly and
(Continued on back)
Began with a means of drawing
audience in so that they felt part
of the presentation. Used
question open that built suspense
and led clearly into the persuasive
Time Start:________ Time End:__________
Individual Persuasive Presentation
Slides, including one data
slide (20%)
Slides have too much content (e.g.,
uses too many words, few or no
pictures) and uses hard to read fonts
or colors. Data slide is hard to read or
Slides are easy to read and
balanced between words and
graphics. Data slide acknowledges
major point(s) and has citation(s).
Slides capture audience’s
attention with content and
graphics. Data slide supports
persuasive point well, has
citation(s), and is easy to read and
Cold Closing (15%)
Drifted off at the end of presentation.
Did not make distinction between
presentation of ideas/ solutions and
Used a closing that asked the
audience to take some action. Had
little or no pause beforehand, and
rushed the closing, losing the
energy of the presentation at the
Paused before beginning closing,
and used definitive, energetic
statement to ask audience to do
something, adopt an idea, or
change their minds.

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Cooking oil

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