UOP Social Media Marketing in Healthcare Discussion


DQ 1  read Chapters 21, 22, and 28 in the text.
This week’s readings examined the role that different forms of  languages, such as clinical terminologies, have in informatics. Building  upon the work you completed in your Week 3 discussion, choose a minimum  of three possible information transactions. Analyze the model presented  for each chosen transaction, and describe the terms, codes, and  classification systems used. Summarize the overarching organization that  oversees the promulgation and maintenance of the terms, codes, and  classification systems. Distinguish between information and  communication within each of these transactions.
Your initial post should be a minimum of 300 words.
Prior to completing this discussion, please read Chapter 20 in the text, and the Smart CDSS: Integration of Social Media and Interaction Engine (SMIE) in Healthcare for Chronic Disease Patients (Links to an external site.) and Social  Media in Healthcare: Advantages and Challenges Perceived by Patients at  a Teaching Hospital in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia (Links to an external site.) articles.
For  better or worse, social media and the Internet have had a strong  influence on the health care landscape. Every day, health care consumers  turn to their computers and mobile devices to obtain information,  utilize services, and buy products. A growing number of health care  providers and organizations—including hospitals, insurance companies,  pharmaceutical companies, and more—use the data collected via social  media and Internet usage to better understand their patients and  customers.
In your initial post, consider how social media is  being used from a health care perspective. Critique how health care  providers and organizations (hospitals, insurance companies,  pharmaceutical companies, etc.) are using the data collected via social  media and Internet usage to develop marketing plans.
Analyze how  this use of data is impacting marketing and strategic planning for  health care providers and organizations. Examine the benefits of this  trend for consumers and/or the organization, especially in the areas of  communication and decision-making. Support your statements with evidence  from your sources.

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Social Media Marketing in

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