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Learning Goal: I’m working on a computer science multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Learning Goal: I’m working on a computer science multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.a) A working product. Your system must work. Show the functionality of your system. b) Presentation. You must present your work in the best possible way in fifteen minutes. Make sure to rehearse your presentation many times with your teammate and be sure to define the role of each member. c) A formal, technical report, which must be in journal or conference format. You can choose IEEE format. The length of the report must be a minimum of five and a maximum of 10 pages (double space with 12 pt. font.)Your report must contain the following sections:1) Cover page2) Abstract or objective (Section I)3) Introduction and historical facts (Section II)4) Methodology. Show your techniques, design, etc. (Section III)5) Software Code (Sect. IV)6) Discussions of your product achievements and the results. This is the most important part of your report (Sect. V)7) Future work (Sect. VI)8) Conclusions (Sect. VII)9) References. You must show all references in your paper to validate your work.TRAFFIC LIGHT:Simulate the operation of a traffic light in an intersection, as shown belowPLEASE LOOK AT THE ATTACHED FILE OF THE OPERATION OF A TRAFFIC LIGHT IN AN INTERSECTIONCars arrive at random intervals and wait at the light until it’s green. The simulation should keep track of the state of the intersection with a resolution of 1 second. Two variable parameters will drive the simulation:1. The number of seconds between the light changing (assume that it says red and green in each direction for the same amount of time.)2. The probability that at any given second, a new car arrives at intersection Assume that it takes exactly 3 seconds for each car to clear at intersection once the light turns green. The simulation should keep track of the number of cars that pass through the intersection and the average time that cars wait. Graph these two variables across a range of timing variables.Keep a queue for each direction for entering the intersection and add a car to the appropriate queue when it reaches the intersection.Note: The way the simulation is set up you do not really need to keep a queue , just a count.Modify the problem as follow:1) Create three types of vehicles, say, cars, buses, and trucks. The relative probabilities and time taken to pass through the intersection should be different for each vehicle type.2) Allow some percentage of the vehicles to turn left-turning vehicles block the line until the light changes, if there’s traffic in the opposite direction .

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