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Informative Presentation
Overview: This assignment asks you to develop and present an informative speech
about a topic is relevant to you. Your professor will approve your topic. You need to
spend time on this assignment, so plan accordingly.
Due: Topic due by 5/22; Presentation video and outline by 6/12
Points: 100 total (20 for topic sheet; 80 for presentation and outline)
Part 2 (due by 6/12)

Prepare a visual aid
o Examples:
▪ PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.
▪ Poster (see – for ideas)
▪ Something tangible related to your topic (e.g., a pinecone if
your topic is pine trees)
▪ Be creative!

o Recording of yourself delivering this extemporaneous presentation
with your visual aid (we should see you AND your visual aid).
o Full sentence outline through Dropbox (see example/template below)
▪ Follow the template. Exactly.
o Reference page with 4 references cited in APA format. Sources should
be from reputable sources that add to your presentation. These may
include (but are not limited to) magazine articles, books, newspapers,
or academic journals (can be either paper or electronic format).
▪ One source must be peer-reviewed source. See template below
to see how to mark your peer-reviewed source.
▪ Here is a list:

During your presentation:
o You must orally cite ALL your sources in the presentation and all
sources must be included in your outline following APA in-text
▪ Don’t know how to cite sources orally? We do it all the time.
Just remember, you should give your audience valid
Updated: 6/6/22
information on your sources (author, year, etc.) because this
will add to your credibility.
• Example, “According to Abendschein’s article in 2022…”
or “Abendschein wrote an article in 2022 that
outlined…” or “This idea is seen in Abendschein’s 2022
article about…”
o Delivery style for this speech is extemporaneous.
o We must be able to hear you and see you AND your visual aid in the
o Practice.
Updated: 6/6/22
Outline Template
A full sentence that gets the audience’s attention.
This full sentence introduces the topic by stating the thesis.
This part shows your credibility to speak on the topic and/or makes the topic
relevant to your audience
Finally, this sentence provides a preview the three main points.
This sentence makes a declarative statement and serves as the first of three main
A. This subpoint is one full sentence and serves as the evidence to support the
claim made in your main point. It should come from one of the sources and
include an APA in-text citation that looks like (Abendschein, 2017).
B. This second subpoint provides more support to the main point. It too needs to
come from one of your sources and include an in-text citation (Dewes, 2016).
Transition: A transition statement connects main points one and two and makes the
speech flow together.
The second main point is logically related to the first.
A. Subpoint One of your second main point follows the same guidelines
discussed in subpoints of your first main point (Barth, 2020).
B. Subpoint Two of your second main point follows the same guidelines
discussed in subpoints of your first main point.
Updated: 6/6/22
Transition: A transition statement connects main points two and three and makes the
speech flow together.
Main point three is your third claim about the topic, based on insights gathered
from your research.
A. Subpoint One of your second main point follows the same guidelines
discussed in subpoints of your first main point.
B. Subpoint One of your second main point follows the same guidelines
discussed in subpoints of your first main point.
Transition: A transition statement continues the flow of the speech by signally to the
audience that you are moving on from main point three to the conclusion
The first part of the conclusion reviews the thesis/central idea
The second part of the conclusion reviews the three main points from the speech.
Finally, the concluding device provides closure to the speech by leaving your
audience with an impactful statement, question, quote, etc.
Updated: 6/6/22
Abendschein, B. (2017). Journal article titles need to be lowercase: Except after
punctuation or with a proper noun like Westeros. Journal Title Should Be
Italicized, volume#(issue#), page-numbers. PEER REVIEWED (include this to
indicate the article that is peer-reviewed).
Barth, B., (2021, August 11). This is an example of an online newspaper
citation. The New York Times. Retrieved from
Dewes-Barth, A. (2016). Authors with hyphenated names stay hyphenated. APA Style
and Owl Purdue are the best, 5(2), 301-302.
Roaché, D. (Year of publication). Title of book: Capital letter also
for subtitle. Publisher.
Need help with citations? Don’t just copy and paste from Google, visit Purdue Owl for
more help on how to write them correctly:
Updated: 6/6/22

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