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somebody know ARCMAP programing pls help, arc map only assignment. I would not accept ans with other programing.

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GEOG/ESE 379: Intro to GIS
Lab Assignment 3: Vector data editing and geoprocessing (40 Points)
There are two tasks in this assignment. Required data for completing these tasks are provided on
course website ( Complete both tasks and submit them in a single .pdf file. Please
name the file “LastNameFirstName.pdf” using your last name and first name and submit the .pdf
file on Assignment 3 submission page.
Task 1: Selecting a New Hospital Site in Albertville (25 Points)
You work for the fictional city of Albertville as a GIS analyst. The city is interested in building a
new hospital to better facilitate the needs of the local community. The City Council has agreed
on a list of criteria that the location for the proposed hospital development must meet. The
Mayor has asked you to produce a map that shows which land parcels in the Albertville could
contain land which meet the Council’s criteria. To do this, you will need to creative, and apply
GIS methodology in ArcGIS to determine which parcels in the city are could host a new hospital.
The Council’s criteria for the hospital are as follows:
1. The new hospital must be located in an area that is currently zoned for Mix use.
2. The new hospital must NOT be within 5 miles radius of existing hospitals.
3. The new hospital must NOT be within a distance of 2.5 miles of the river, to reduce flood
4. The new hospital must be within 1.5 miles from Interstate or State Highways. (Hint: look
at the Type field in Roads map)
5. A hospital needs an area of approximately 1 square mile. This does not mean that the
entire lot meets all of the criteria – so long as there is about 1 square mile of usable land1
on the plot, it can be considered for the new hospital.
1. The parcel numbers (PARCEL_ID) that are acceptable for the new hospital.
2. If you find parcels suitable for the new hospital placement, submit a map suitable for
presentation to the Mayor, showing all of the parcels you have found. This map must
conform all of the map production standards we learned earlier in the course. It should
include the parcel numbers of any parcels you are recommending, so that they are clearly
identifiable by the instructor.
Task 2: Mapping for Illinois Marathon (15 Points)
Organizers of Illinois Marathon 2020 contacted you for help with creating a map that can be used
to improve safety at their 5K Walk/Run event. They want to provide additional amenities in
areas where marathon spectators may be more crowded. The organizers are assuming spectators
will gather in two areas:
Please note that after applying any of the overlaying techniques (e.g., clip, erase, intersect, union, etc)
the area measures in the attribute table will not be correct. You must recalculate parcel area after applying
all the geoprocessing techniques to find out usable land area for hospital development. Select by location
techniques will not work in this case.
GEOG/ESE 379: Intro to GIS
1) Within 50 feet of the 5K route
2) Within 100 feet of the major intersections
The organizers have provided you two maps: road centerlines of Urbana-Champaign
(Streets.shp) and major intersections (Intersections.shp) along the 5K route. Here is the map of
5K route: Create
a map layout showing coverage of both the above areas on top of the UIUC campus map
(Uicampus.shp). Make your layout a high-quality, presentable map with the required map
elements to be submitted to the marathon organizers.
(Hint: you can create a new shapefile for the marathon route or simply select the roads along the
marathon route from the street map of Urbana-Champaign. Don’t worry about maintaining exact
road alignment. Also, if you are not sure about a road name, check the attribute table.)
Assignment Checklist:
Before submitting this assignment, review the following checklist to ensure you are getting
everything requested:
1. Is all the criteria met when selecting the land parcels for the new hospital?
2. Do you have a high-quality map with all required map elements?
3. Is the map showing the lot number for the suitable parcel(s)? (Assuming you found any.)
1. Do you have a high-quality map with all required map elements?
2. Is your coverage map created exclusively based on the 5K route?

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