University at Albany SUNY Module 2 A List of 18-21 Wonderful Things Essay


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M2 Beautiful Things List (shared with permission)
LLopez S2022 Another set, this one including some instances of seeing the beautiful even
in bad situations and reminding you to check out every issue of THE TICKER.
The set also reminds me to alert you to a nice feature of public libraries today,
at many locations free passes you can check out for entry into some area
museums. My husband and I had a wonderful experience, though too long ago,
visiting the Museum of the Moving Image. If any of you go, let me know how
you find it now. When we went, there was a special exhibit of costumes and
sets from the popular series, MAD MEN, which I also recommend ahead. It’s
highly addictive so wait for the break if you want to see it (likely on DVD sets at
your public library). Jon Hamm is in it.
I also had to share this one because Amanda is now officially a Phenomenal
Woman nominee (see below & I think the nomination counts as PW already)
and a courageous one for donating blood despite some issues. Disclosure: My
husband is on the board of NYBC (blood center) so we encourage that sort of
thing. He donates as often as he can and has no ill effects. Also—pedestrians
and fellow drivers, rejoice—Amanda’s driving is improving. ; )
Amanda Salazar
Module Two
Due March 30, 2022
Part One A: Beauty in Every Day
In-person Editorial Meeting for The Ticker, the student newspaper that I’m the editor-in-chief of, where
I got to see my friends
Hanging out with some friends at the Madison Square Park dog run and getting to watch the dogs run
and play — and even pet some!
Assigned a new story to work on for my new freelance job at PoliticsNY, which was where my first
internship was
Cuddled with my cat Marble, who can be a bit moody sometimes, but was actually in the mood for me to
pet her for once
Had a belated Christmas get-together with my friends that we kept delating because of COVID-19, and
it was fun ☺
Went driving with my mom and I showed some improvement!
Got home from school early to do more driving practice with my mom and did well
Ticker elections for next year’s leadership went well and everyone who I wanted to win won
Laughed with my friends in The Ticker’s office
Went to my friend’s birthday party, and I didn’t feel as out of place at the fancy rooftop bar as I thought
I would
Went shopping with my mom and bought some new clothes that I like and that make me feel good
about myself
Got McDonalds with my boyfriend for dinner and had a yummy Shamrock Shake Flurry
Went to the Brooklyn Museum with my boyfriend and it was lots of fun (and then had Taco Bell for
dinner which was good)
I went to Krispy Kreme on a whim and bought a three pack of their St. Patrick’s Day donuts, which
were so good (my mom and I shared two of them — I didn’t eat them all at once, lol)
This was a really rough day for me. I donated blood at the school blood drive and ended up having a
really bad reaction to it. They had to keep me in the blood drive room for about five hours because I kept
getting lightheaded and dizzy and a stomachache. But despite how un-fun of a day it was, there was still a
lot of beauty in it — before the blood donation I got to have another in-person Ticker meeting with my
friends, plus when I was feeling so sick, my good friend stayed with me the entire time, which showed
me that she really cares about me. A few of my other friends also checked up on me and took care of me.
On top of all of that, I was able to face my fear of needles to do something good for others, and even
though I felt like death after, my blood is still going to save some lives! Oh, and the Oreos they gave me
afterward were yummy.
Another kind of rough day that also had a lot of good in it. It’s funny how the days with nothing bad in
them seem kind of bland, but the days when something bad happened to me are the days when I can find
the most beauty. I guess it’s the contrast. My boyfriend came down from his college in White Plains to
spend some time with me at Baruch before he had to go to a concert, and I was so glad to see him after
the bad day I had before. I was really late to my science class this morning because I slept late to make up
for my blood loss and ended up having a bit of a breakdown on the subway because I thought I was going
to completely miss lab — but I made it and still had time to contribute to my group so I would get credit
for the assignment. Once again, friends who I never thought of as “good” or “close” friends checked up
on me a lot, showing me they cared more than I realized previously. And I took the express bus home,
which meant that I got to see some beautiful sights on my commute — even if I did have to pee the whole
way home. Sorry for two long responses in a row, I just think it was important for me to acknowledge the
good in the bad.
My classes that I don’t really like got cancelled so I didn’t have to go into the city at all!
I got to babysit for a family that I haven’t sat for in about a month and a half to two months, and I got
to play with their 16-month-old who I adore (she’s the cutest baby in the world and nobody can change
my mind)
My boyfriend and I celebrated our one-year anniversary! It was exactly one year from us becoming an
official couple, so we went out for Indian food to celebrate and it was so good (can you tell from my
entries that I love food? Lol!)
Went to Marine Park and the salt marsh with my boyfriend, where we saw dogs, beautiful views of the
nature trails and the water, some small purple flowers that bloomed early, a wild pheasant and an adorable
racoon who I named Glasses.
The Baruch College High School Journalism Conference, which I attended twice as a high school
student. I’ve run a workshop as a college student for three years and this is potentially my last year since
I’m graduating. It was so great to see the next generation of college and professional journalists of our
It was a long day with a lot of work and stress, but I guess something beautiful about this day was that
we took our Ticker yearbook photos and I got to dress nice, do really pretty eyeliner, and take some fun
group photos with my friends. I also saw a lot of dogs during the day.
On the train, a man came in and sat across from me. He was wearing a pair of black sweatpants that
had cute little designs on them that were made to look like doodles of clouds, a trophy, waves, and a
flower, among a few other things. I thought they were cute, and the little doodles made me smile.
I woke up to an email saying that I’ve been nominated to be part of the Phenomenal Women at Baruch
campaign as part of Women’s History Month! That is so, so awesome and I feel so honored to be
nominated for my work with The Ticker.
I did a Zoom call with one of The Ticker members to help him with InDesign, which is the program we
use to layout our print newspaper, and he showed improvement and a lot of understanding from our last
discussion about it
I babysat for a family I sit for regularly and I walked the kids to the school yard so they could play with
their friends (it ended up being closed, so we had to walk back). Along the way there and back, I saw a lot
of really pretty flowers! There’s a bunch of bushes with small yellow flowers, plus one house had yellow
tulips, and other houses had these small purple and beautiful royal blue flowers. They were so pretty!
*One of the best types of advertising is a positive piece of press in a highly regarded
publication. Some years ago, Renee’s Garden got a NYTwrite-up with a mention of TJ’s
favorite (Thomas Jefferson): tiny white Alpine strawberries, which we grow in a
strawberry pot every year. I urge you to find some potting soil, a pot, and grow some
something this spring. Renee’s Garden has more varieties of nasturtium seeds than any
other source we use. They are SO easy to grow from seed and will bloom nonstop with just
a bit of water and care until frost next fall. You can use the blossoms as garnish or eat them
if you don’t put any chemicals on them—and you don’t need it if you just begin with good,
clean potting soil. And some types attract hummingbirds so a double dose of beauty.–LL

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