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I need to create a simple employee time keeping service for my project. I need help with it not sure where to start.

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Project Schedule
Make the design and test parts automated to save time and cost on the program.
Lower the program’s functions and durability since the project’s price is expected to be
decreased. Keeping customer connections much as possible when negotiating with them.
Because the project must be completed quickly, the agile technique might meet the deadline.
Interns and freshers might be hired to save project expenditures since they need fewer than
experienced workers. Reduce the number of group members on the program and extend each
working person’s time on the job.
The programmers should be highly trained and have a thorough understanding of the
content to accomplish two or three stages in the given project, like requirement collecting and
interacting with customers, development and testing, and design. For cost analysis in the
projects, there is a common model known as the cocomo method that they may utilize
efficiently and analyze the cost. They should use fewer resources to save money on the
business, such as authorized and paid operating systems. They should be able to choose opensource software and free software.
Project Budget
Because of the app’s functionality, the response to how much it charges for designing
an app may soon become exorbitant. There are various ways to receive an estimate for your
app project. Contacting the creators is the most dependable option. One can, however, utilize
the site’s cost calculator. If you ask the development company to calculate the normal cost
range of bespoke application development without sufficient documentation and project
scope statement, the cost will likely be quite close. A good and exact cost estimator, on the
other hand, must contain a wide range of development services as well as the needed period.
Since this is a Business App, it will cost $50,000-$200,000. It will take 1200 hours to
develop the app. These key application cost considerations will assist in developing an initial
design for software that meets the demands. These apps will raise the price but offer many
functionalities due to the numerous additional features, integrations, and security issues.
Before developing the mobile application, we must first evaluate the target market and
company goals, learn how to develop an app, and select a coding platform (Software &
Engineering Tips n.d). The app’s buttons, displays, and other pieces make it interesting,
interesting, and handy, but each extra piece reduces the entire project costs. As a result, it is
critical to create a prototype and consider every performance aspect. This feature has an
impact on the price-influencing factors.
Software items, as contrasted to hardware, are viewed as displays. All of the heavy
work is done on the side to display this data. According to a study of Kickstarter projects,
hardware initiatives garner more financing than software concepts. It is thought that
technology is more visible, but the software is out of reach and hence neglected. It is difficult
to quantify the amount of imagination and thinking that went into the project’s inception. A
multidisciplinary team is usually employed to guarantee that all app elements and procedures
are addressed. Clients do not witness the outcome of this job because it produces no physical
deliverables, only an app premise. As a result, many consumers are perplexed by the final app
Before application development begins, reputable software engineering businesses
will normally estimate the mobile application development cost. The quotation will be
referred to as the project specification and the project’s commercial and technology needs.
This data is compiled and summarized in an initial list of characteristics (Khatibi & Jawawi,
2011). E-commerce applications incorporate the previously described functionality:
subscriber registration, user profiles, and social aspects. These applications have thorough
product catalogs, individual product webpages, and a customer check-out mechanism
completed through a payment process. PayPal and Mastercard are excellent payment
providers to integrate. The architecture of e-commerce software is difficult since it involves a
well-planned rear and administrator panel to track users, purchases, catalog sites,
transactions, and inventories.
High-Risk Areas in the Project
The worst fear for any company creating a program is providing an app that its
consumers do not desire. Local app development costs huge amounts of money and takes
months. It is indeed all for nought if no one utilizes the software. This occurs when
individuals approach application development services incorrectly. The truth is that most
firms cannot afford to create computer apps in-house. Consequently, they must seek outside
assistance, which adds another layer of project risks. After all, the incorrect organization can
implement might derail your entire project (Microsoft, 2013). Security flaws are nothing
novel, and they may occur with every form of the online or mobile app. The risk here is
overlooking the need for adequate security safeguards inside native apps. Some businesses
make the error of believing native apps are inherently safe and, as a result, fail to implement
security mechanisms.
Taking such hazards into account and removing them might help you create
practically faultless software. Preserve the app’s simplicity as much as possible. Add the
important and major elements crucial for users while removing the others that are not. It is
critical to guarantee that the people performing the service are the most educated about their
needs. This can include refusing to apply well-documented controls and safeguards or
misusing the system.
Khatibi, V., & Jawawi, D. N. (2011). Software cost estimation methods: A review 1.
Microsoft. (2013). Modeling the Architecture of a Software System. Retrieved from
Software Engineering Tips (n.d.). How to Design a Computer Program. Retrieved from:
Outline Employee Time Tracker
Description of the Business Process
• Businesses and individuals alike frequently rely on time monitoring software to supply
their staff with appropriate payroll.
• Managers may analyze the time their workers work and see patterns like who is the most
• Employee details monitoring also creates a channel of communication between
Major Features of the Integrated System
• Every time-tracking technology program’s primary goal is to measure how much time
workers spend each day doing assigned duties.
• Attending job effectively requires dedication and commitment.
• The time tracker will be able to support efficient and effective project management.
Description of the Business Process
Businesses and individuals alike frequently rely on time monitoring software to supply their
staff with appropriate payroll. Day-to-day organization consumes a substantial period, and it may be
difficult for management teams to keep track of when their staff arrived at the business, when they had
coffee breaks, and when they departed at the close of a day. Time monitoring enables staff to be more
accountable. When time monitoring is mandated, workers are more willing to execute tasks more
efficiently and to put themselves at risk for their achievements across projects (Datta et al., 2019). This
is not meant to scare, but rather to emphasize the significance of the task at hand and the necessity for
devoted, diligent, and ethical staff.
Managers may analyze the time their workers work and see patterns like the most efficient.
They may then utilize these insights to motivate their staff during low production periods and get more
from their personnel. Without a doubt, good effort must be appreciated at all times (Hong, Song, &
Rho, 2018). It enables employers to take a step back from being monitors to acknowledging and
rewarding their employees for their hard work and devotion to keeping on target.
Employee details monitoring also creates a channel of communication between employees.
Employees who feel their sector carries most of the responsibility. At the same time, the other divisions
sleep off and offer little to the initiatives would have a better awareness of the broader picture. Hong et
al. (2018) share that workers may monitor which divisions accomplish assignments in real-time. It can
also give individuals the impression that their efforts are not going unrecognized when displayed on the
program that they are completing their jobs.
The time tracker will be an admin software that will be used to make note of office hours. It will
aid in measuring workers’ operating time by providing information on what time was invested on
various jobs, initiatives, and customers. The program includes extra functionality like hourly salaries
and breaks times (Dattta et al., 2019). Client user data may also be collected using time monitoring
software to enhance the company’s internet activity and profitability. Individuals and international joint
projects most commonly use time monitors to coordinate and concentrate measures taken to
accomplish a certain job.
Major Features of the Integrated System
Every time-tracking technology program’s primary goal is to measure how much time workers
spend each day doing assigned duties. These cover the checking in and out period, productive and
inactive time, and the precise amount of time consumed perusing the internet and other authorized
programs. The time tracker will provide detailed information about everyone’s efficiency. It gives a
clear description of how the individual spends office hours to complete tasks and evaluates the source
of interruptions (Yu et al., 2017). This is also a clever method of keeping an eye on pricey, timeconsuming initiatives. Companies may use time monitoring to prioritize work and accomplish tasks on
cost and schedule.
Attending a job effectively requires dedication and commitment. Workers that exhibit these
characteristics always accomplish their tasks on time. Those absent regularly might impede the
progress of a project or continuing activities. The attendance monitoring function identifies and alerts
these employees on time (Lazzari, 2017). Furthermore, when hundreds of jobs are being tracked, it aids
in maintaining an accurate attendance record.
The time tracker will be able to support efficient and effective project management. Effective
management of projects is essential for completing and handing over initiatives to clients on schedule.
Managers will like the project management software. Businesses may follow every step of a task as it
proceeds into fruition by allocating specific tasks to staff. Project planning promotes responsibility,
which is essential for accomplishing objectives and priorities.
Another important feature of the time tracker is that it will generate reports. Statistics and data
are essential to the success of businesses. They provide remarkable insights on worker performance
concerning predefined goals. Reliable analytics assist firms in determining whether or not to increase
their employment numbers depending on the characteristics of present personnel. Report generation
will also go hand in hand with payroll management (Yu et al., 2017). An automatic payroll function is
useful for keeping salary administration efficient, responsible, and accessible. Because there is little
space for error, eliminating undesirable income conflicts and inconsistencies.
Employee moment software that does not have a performance calculation capability might not
even be worth the cost. This function requires employers to view the productive and idle periods in a
day. It is difficult to keep track of how each individual spends their time during this period. Fortunately,
the efficiency assessment tool allows for this. The timesheet tool estimates paid hours, drawing on the
findings of the work done by each employee’s performance. It is also in charge of documenting each
worker’s performance hours.
The time-tracking tool must be adaptable enough to integrate various tools and applications for
simpler administration. CRM tools, project plans, and team communication software are examples of
common connectors that enable managers to acquire valuable insights (Lazzari, 2017). It also
streamlines product development and aids in implementing critical success initiatives. The integration
of apps gives a complete perspective of the business. It throws light on the stumbling blocks and
roadblocks impeding growth. Companies may find it difficult to obtain this essential evidence and
make prompt corrections if the software is not integrated.
Datta, N., Malik, A., Agarwal, M., & Jhunjhunwala, A. (2019, April). Real-time tracking and alert
system for laptop through implementation of GPS, GSM, motion sensor and cloud services for
antitheft purposes. In 2019 4th International Conference on Internet of Things: Smart
Innovation and Usages (IoT-SIU) (pp. 1-6). IEEE.
Hong, Y. H., Song, S. J., & Rho, J. (2018). Real-time Tracking and Identification for Multi-Camera
Surveillance System. International Journal of Internet, Broadcasting and
Communication, 10(1), 16-22.
Lazzari, F. (2017). Development of a real-time tracking device for the LHCb Upgrade 1b (Doctoral
dissertation, Pisa U.).
Yu, Z., Yang, S., Sillitoe, I., & Buckley, K. (2017, October). Towards a scalable hardware/software codesign platform for real-time pedestrian tracking based on a ZYNQ-7000 device. In 2017 IEEE
International Conference on Consumer Electronics-Asia (ICCE-Asia) (pp. 127-132). IEEE.

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