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The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the various terms,
concepts, ideas, tools and techniques that we have covered in class, and your ability to apply them.
Carefully read and consider the following two articles:

  1. Kohn, Alfie. 1993. Why Incentive plan cannot work. Harvard Business Review. Sep/Oct93, Vol. 71
    Issue 5, p54-63
    Write an essay comparing and contrasting the two articles, and discussing your own responses and
    thinking about them. Your essay should cover the following:
    • Discuss and explain the ideas in each of the articles. How do they relate to what we have studied
    and learned in course – you may find that there is more than one relevant textbook chapter.
    • Relate to your own experience – do you agree, disagree, and explain your reasoning. Include
    your own views.
    • If possible, relate to examples from reliable news sources that either confirm or refute the ideas
    in article.
    Your essay should follow the following parameters:
    • 1,500-2,000 words in length (excluding title page and bibliography)
    • Chicago-style citations, if applicable
    • Professional formatting, including headings, title page and bibliography, if applicable
    • Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
    • Marks will be deducted for unprofessional language and formatting, as well as grammar, spelling
    and punctuation errors
    Note: Unprofessional language and formatting, as well as incorrect English grammar, spelling and
    punctuation will result in a point penalty of max. 5 points.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: management


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