Themes of The Nazi Ideology Discussion


Identify three themes of the Nazi Ideology and present critiques of each of the themes identified.

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WEEK 6: Fascism and National
 Assignment I: You are REQUIRED to read Chapter 10 in the TEXT
and the lecture notes below. Answer the weekly Quiz at the bottom as
 Assignment II: BY WEEK 6 you are also required to send an outline,
one page in length, on what you PLAN to complete for your paper TO:
[Lecture Notes]
I. The Nazi ideology:
The following are the themes of the Nazi ideology. They
are classified into negative and positive themes.
The themes should be understood along with the
following themes discussed in the text: Irrationalism,
German mythology, Racism, Totalitarianism, Elitism, The
Corporate State, Imperialism, and Militarism:
(Negative Themes)
a. Against class: the notion of class, developed by
Marxists and endorsed by all communist parities, was
inconsistent with national unity. It was only an
extension of the idea of conflict and competition
developed by liberals and Marxists. The Nazis claimed
that the notion of class was incompatible with the
communitarian values of the German people and the
German nation. Germany was “one.”
b. Against parliamentary government: parliamentary
government leads to the fragmentation of the body
politics into parties and groups jockeying for position,
forming unstable governmental conditions.
c. Antitrade union: Unions express sectarian and class
interests of the working class.
d. Against political parties: Political parties expressed
special ideological or interest particularisms, splitting
the nation. All other political parties should be
outlawed, and a one-party system instituted.
e. Against the Treaty of Versailles: The Versailles Treaty,
imposing an inferior status upon Germany that deprive
it of its army and required it to pay reparations, had to
be eliminated.
e. Ant-Semitism and racialism: Anti-Semitism had been
common phenomenon. The Jews were blamed as
responsible for both liberal capitalism and for
f. Anticommunism: It was aimed not only against
communists at home, but against the “father land of
communism“, the Soviet Union.
(Positive Themes)
a. Nationalism and racialism: Nazi nationalism was both
racist and expansionist: While insisting on the
superiority of Germanic values, it also proclaimed the
superiority of the German race and the desirability of
imposing its superiority upon others. Aryans were
superior not only to Jews but also Slav, Turks, Greek,
French, and so on. They were the master race destined
to dominate all others. This racialist doctrine, coupled
with extreme nationalism, led to the inevitability of war.
b. Expansionism:
The master race was to be race of warriors subduing
lesser races. Germany was to conquer, and Berlin would
become the capital of the world. The conquest of
territory and the destruction of neighboring nationstates become essential elements of the Nazi ideology.
Germany needed “living space” and land into which to
c. Communitarianism: The elimination of all freedom
and their replacement by a single “freedom”–that of
obeying the party that represented the German
community and the leader of that party–was the
essence of the totalitarianism. All parties, all
organizations, all associations, all religious groups, and
churches would become subordinated to the
communitarian will.
d. Leadership (Fuhreprinzip) and the party: The Nazi
party “represented” the German people because it was
in tune with the people and expressed directly the
desires of the nation. Within the party, its leader
intuitively acted for the whole. It is the leader who best
expresses the communitarian values.
II. International Social Darwinism:
The international social Darwinism is one of the theories, which
attempt to explain causes of war. In this theory you might be able
to identify how the Nazi ideology has developed and justified war
as well.
1. Societies like biological species evolve and advance through
competition, resulting in the survival of the fittest and the elimination of
the week.
2. War of each against all as a crucial necessity for the progressive
achievement of civilization.
3. The role of war is to pass the reins of power from the weak and
decaying to the strong and dynamic.
4. Fascism/tendency of nations to expand / war alone brings all human
energies their highest tensions and sets a seal of nobility upon the people
who had the virtue to face it.
5. Societies like biological entities united by blood ties.
Two principles of Nazism:
(1) Principle of race and
(2) Principle of territory
Hitler by no means believes in equality of the races: master race vs.
slave race
6. Because population expands and living space (lebensraum) is limited,
race must compete for territory:
 Population–geometrically
 Food–arithmetically
7. Higher races must not agree in their pacifistic blindness to renounce
new acquisition of soil or they will leave the mastery of the world to
culturally inferior but more brutal and more natural people.
8. Hitler was deeply suspicious of international law and diplomacy.
9. Demands the subordination of the inferior and weaker in accordance
with eternal will that dominates this universe.
9. Racialist and expansionist: Aryans superior to Jews and to Slav.
10. International Social Darwinism glorifies conflict and focus on
incompatibilities among groups.
Quiz: Week 6
Identify three themes of the Nazi Ideology and present
critiques of each of the themes identified.
Send the answer with no more than one page in length TO:

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