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1. The capital of Poland is _________________. (correct spelling required here & for all answers)
2. The Strait of __________________ separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean
3. What famous group of islands named after a well-known songbird lies off the NW coast of
4. In what direction does the Nile River flow? _____________________
5. The latitude of the equator is ________________.
6. Name three Scandinavian countries.
______________________, ______________________, ____________________
7. How big is Texas in square miles? __________________
How big is Australia? _________________ Japan? ________________________
8. Where specifically are the Great Lakes? How many of them are there? Salt or fresh? Name
9. Which city is furthest north: Toronto, Minneapolis, or Paris? _____________________
10. The southern-most region of the earth is often called Antarctica. What is the name of
northern-most part of the earth? (not North Pole or True North)
the _________________ (spelling!)
11. The Bering Strait lies off the coast of Alaska, North Carolina, or China? Circle one.
12. Name the United States’ longest river. _______________________
13. What is the second longest river in the world? __________________________
14. The world’s largest democracy (by population) is in South Asia. Name it.
15. Where specifically is the Gobi Desert? How large is it (in sq. miles)? How many times
would Texas fit into the Gobi Desert? (Use decimal form please – e.g., 2.3 times or 0.5 times)
16. What country used to be called the Dutch East Indies.
(Hint: It is the world’s most populous Muslim country.)
17. Does the Mediterranean Sea contain fresh or salt water? ___________________
18. Which verrrrrrrrrry long country is found on the western coast of South America?
19. Name three land-locked African countries.
_____________________, ____________________, _____________________
20. What is the capital of Pakistan? ___________________
21. The continental United States has four times. How many official zones has China?
22. If you sail around the Cape of Good Hope, at what continent will you be looking?
23. We have North America and South America. Please name one country in Mesoamerica?
(not Mexico)
24. If you sailed exactly west from Japan, to what small peninsular country would you come?
25. In what Middle Eastern country will you find the ancient region of Mesopotamia (which
means “The Land between Two Rivers”)?
Name these two rivers. _________________, ____________________
26. Into what body of water do these two rivers empty? _________________________
27. The largest city in Canada is Toronto, but what is its capital?
28. Name the long chain of islands that extends like a dog’s tail about 1,700 miles into the
northern Pacific Ocean off the southwestern coast of Alaska.
29. Traveling eastward from France around the world, put these places in the order (1-10) you
would encounter them.
_____ Iraq
_____ Australia
_____ Brazil
_____ India
_____ Texas
_____ Iceland
_____ Greece
__1__ France
_____ Tunisia
_____ Vietnam
30. Name the country in Africa with the most people and the most oil (!)
31. There are many countries in the world that end with “— stan.” Please name four.
___________stan, ____________stan, ______________stan, _____________stan
32. What city is further south: Fargo, North Dakota or St. Petersburg, Russia? _____________
The answers to all these can be found on the internet. However, an atlas is
the very best way to get the context of each question – that is, the geography
around what you’re trying to answer. For example, if you’re looking for
something specific having to do with Alaska, or Germany, or Egypt, you might
encounter something else along the way unrelated but important. You are less
likely to experience this on the internet.
Put the following in order chronologically, 1-30, from earliest in time to latest.
_____ Jefferson pens Declaration of Independence; Smith pens Wealth of
_____ End of Reconstruction period in the United States
_15__ American Civil War
_____ End of the Ching Dynasty
_____ V.E. Day
_____ Puritans land in New England; establish “Citty on a Hill”
_____ Dropping of atomic bombs on Japan
_____ Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated at Sarajevo, Bosnia
_____ Start of the Crusades; Gothic architecture
_____ The “Glorious Revolution” in England: brings William and Mary to the
English throne; confirms separation of powers among branches of gov’t
_____ Fall of Constantinople to Ottoman Turks
_____ American colonies win independence from Great Britain
__5__ Martin Luther nails his 95 theses to the door of a Wittenberg Church
_____ Mikhail Gorbachev assumes power in USSR; glasnost/perestroika;
Empire falls
_____ Apple introduces the iPhone
_____ President Nixon visits Red (Communist) China
_____ Fall of the Roman Empire in the West
_____ Christopher Columbus begins voyages to find a new route to the Orient
_____ Franco-Prussian War: Bismarck unifies Germany; Chicago fire
_____ Korean War ends; Joseph Stalin dies
_____ Year of Revolution in Europe: 1848; Marx writes The Communist
_25__ George Kennan outlines policy of ‘Containment’; The Berlin Airlift
_____ The New York Stock Exchange crashes, October 1929
_____ Henry Ford & car craze, the Jazz Age, flappers, American writers in
_10__ French Revolution begins; fall of the Bastille
_____ The Age of Jackson
_____ Napoleon exiled to St. Helena; meeting of the Congress of Vienna
_____ First oil gusher in the US near Titusville, Pennsylvania (1859)
_____ Spanish-American War / US annexes the Philippines (1898)
_____ Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, and Helmut Kohl elected

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Nile River

capital of Poland


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