Strayer Univeristy Wk 1 Elizabeth Lombardos TED Talk Discussion


Watch Elizabeth Lombardo’s TEDx Talk on your inner critic. When you think about the areas of communication you would like to develop more, explain how your inner narrator gets in the way of your ability to communicate well.

Executive Presence (Part I)

This week, we will delve into the two As and two Cs of Executive Presence and explore the importance of self-knowledge and self-reflection to develop your leadership presence.



This week, you will:
Explore the benefits of a strong Executive Presence

Understand the key components of Executive Presence
Develop practical awareness of your leadership value
Weekly Materials

NOTE: Some of the videos contained in this course are provided by LinkedIn Learning, formerly We are fortunate to have free access this wonderful resource for all students currently enrolled at JWMI. To access these videos, follow the steps here. Required Readings and Activities
Week 1 Lecture Notes View PDF | Listen MP3
Talk Like Ted, Chapter 1: Unleash the Master Within

Bahadur, “The New Executive Presence ”

Cobert, “The ‘It’ Factor: How to Have Executive Presence in a Meeting”
Eckmann, “Do You Have Executive Presence?”
Grobman, “What’s Executive Presence? The Art and Science of Getting Ahead at Work”
Watch the videos below:

John Ullmen’s leadership tutorial on LinkedIn Learning offers ideas for developing executive presence as a future leader.
Erin Weed’s TEDx Talk explores what it means to be authentic in each of your interactions.
Elizabeth Lombardo’s TEDx Talk discusses how to silence your inner critic. 

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