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1. Identify a quote from Machiavelli, infer and state your claim.(subjective)2. Using evidence of other historical events/context to support your claim.(objective)3. State your reasoning/rationale (subjective)4. Cite textual evidence and resources (APA or MLA format) (objective)I have uploaded an example someone did. Needs to have all 4. One thing the student did in the last paragraph was a personal connection. It can be something in general.

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The Renaissance in Italy and Northern Europe, 1350-1550
f’if an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not
be feared” Niccolo Machiavelli speaks about finishing a fight of a grueling injury and finishing
strong. Being brave during an injury is important for the person itself. Being open for help from
others when injured will help both sides in regards to recovery. If someone does not tell others
about the injury, then that person will linger around to know why. In the field of medicine, one
patient that suffered an injury and overcame the injury was Phineas Gage.
When he was on the job, he suffered a traumatic brain injury that resulted in an iron
rod going straight through his entire skull, resulting in frontal lobe damage (Verywell Mind,
2021). Frontal lobe damage is an injury that results in loss of movement, difficulty performing
tasks, and trouble speech (Healthline, 2020). After months of grueling recovery, he was able to
return to his daily life but still had some side effects. Phineas Gage made a huge impact on the
study of neurology. Doctors were able to discover that the frontal lobe was involved in
personality development.||
I can relate to this quote because of my own personal experience with an injury that
almost cost me my life. On March 3, 2021 | sustained a major spinal cord injury. My spine was
fractured from my lumbar spine. I was seventy-one hours and forty-five minutes away from
being paralyzed from the waist down. My injury was so severe that neurosurgeons performed
emergency spine surgery to reverse the effects of paralysis that I did not have any more fears
given what I had been through. |
Cherry, Kendra. “The Famous Case of Phineas Gage’s Astonishing Brain Injury.”
Verywell Mind, Verywell Mind, 12 Apr. 2021,
Seladi-Schulman, Jill. “Frontal Lobe Function, Location in Brain, Damage, More.”
Healthline, Healthline Media, 20 Apr. 2020,

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Shaping of the West

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