Sensory Elements of Visual Media Communication Presentation


You are a member of a committee at your child’s school. The committee
has been assigned the task to design a flyer for the students to take
home to their parents. The purpose of the flyer is to notify parents
about the upcoming Field Day for all students. They have specified that
it can only be one-page in length, and they have encouraged creativity
to catch the eyes of the parents.Several parents wish to
participate, so the leader of the committee creates a fun flyer
competition. She asks that each person creates his/her own flyer and
create a screen share to persuade the committee to choose your flyer.
The screen share should visually show the flyer and include a verbal
explanation regarding why your flyer will best attract the eyes of the
parents.Since you are extremely creative, you know that in order
to capture the parents’ attention and win this competition, you will
need to use color, lines, balance, and contrast visual elements.In
your video presentation, be sure to defend your visual choices to the
other parents and members of the committee. You know that if you clearly
explain why you chose each of these visual elements and how it best
attracts the eyes of the parents, you could win this fun competition!

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