Rstudio Technical Appendix Data Stats Programming Worksheet


Read the assignment instructions I provided, start a Technical Appendix, save a graph using ggplot2, and create a brief memo using RMarkdown.

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Participation Activity #2
Now we get to start exploring data! In PA 2 you will examine a data set on the sales of two
brands of orange juice in what will eventually be your first Technical Appendix, save a graph
using ggplot2, and create a brief memo. The goal of this assignment is to get you started using
ggplot, the workflow process and using RMarkdown.
1. Create a project folder for PA2 with RStudio because there will be a number of files
2. Download the OJ_Data.csv data and the OJ_Read_me.txt file into the project folder
3. Read the OJ_Read_me.txt file
4. Create a RNotebook for PA2 with RStudio
write a code header and a clear the environment/packages
5. Load any packages you will use analyzing the OJ data
create a code chunk using key-stroke short-cut ctrl
Option + i on a mac OS X
for example library(ggplot2)
+ alt + i
on a PC or Cmd
6. Load the OJ_Data.csv data into the PA1 RNotebook
you should create a new code chunk for each step of analysis
make sure both of your PA2.Rmd and OJ_Data.csv are in your PA2 project folder
7. Use head(), str() and summary() to learn more about the data
this is generally the first step of an EDA
you may want to convert STORE to be a factor using oj$STORE

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