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This is a paper that is focusing on the Role of Information Dissemination From a Community Health Needs. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:

Role of Information Dissemination From a Community Health Needs

Assignment: Understanding the Role of Information Dissemination From a Community Health Needs Assessment

Regardless of the method one chooses to use in order to disseminate findings from a needs assessment. The information report needs to be adapted to the target audience. Because a needs assessment targets the community in which data are collected, it is important to consider how information from the assessment is disseminated and who is involved in the information dissemination. You also need to recognize that modifications might be necessary based on the target audience and the results of the community health needs assessment.

For this Assignment, review the information dissemination strategies in this week’s resources.

Then, consider different types of information from a community health needs assessment that have to be disseminated. In addition, determine the audience who will receive the disseminated information, and analyze the different information dissemination strategies based on the types of information you deem to be important to the target community. Also, consider any modifications that might be necessary depending on the audience. Finally, select a case study from this week’s resources and analyze the case from a community health needs perspective.

Assignment (2–3 pages)

Address the following in context of the case study you have selected:

Describe the information that you obtained from your analysis of the case study (attached) and that you would disseminate.
Explain who the intended audience will be and how they may use the information.
Explain what, if any, information should not be disseminate to the audience. Justify your rationale.

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