React Native App Project


REQUIREMENTS:In react native languageYour app must have at least 5 screensYour app must contain at least 2 ImagesYour app must display at least 1 screen of textYour app must have a View with a DataSource (ListView / FlatList / ScrollVIew)One touch related behaviorEach page of your app must be stylizedApp should seem seamless: This means a common navigation and look across the pages1st screen:hottest apps out right now have images of apps (twitter, instagram, snap) and a brief description of the apps2nd screen:talk about Twitter briefly with one of the DataSource (ListView / FlatList / ScrollVIew)3rd screen:Discuss features of instagram but with a click-on button. For example you have the logo of instagram with an info button under it and once its pressed it displays some brief info about Instagram.4th Screen:have a one one touch behavior discussing snapchat5th screen:have a goodbye page

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