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QUESTION 1- Constructing Professional Documents
Throughout your career, you will be asked to create several professional documents. Each time
you must create a document written at the highest level of knowledge, grammar, spelling, and
For this assignment, you are going to pick two of the three following documents and create
them. Please follow the specific instructions for each type of document that you choose.
Action Plan – your employer has asked you to create an action plan for your professional
development for the next year. You need to include some of the following information:
conferences you will attend, what you will do to educate yourself in your field, and any
trainings you need to attend.

Action Steps
Resume/Cover Letter – obtain a job description that you will turn in with your resume and
cover letter. Write the cover letter and resume, tailoring it to the job description you selected.
PowerPoint Problem Solution Plan – Pick a problem that is currently happening in your
community, a school referendum, a city ordinance, a recent rise in crime, use your imagination
in picking a topic. Create a PowerPoint Presentation that covers each of the following elements:

Introduction to the problem
Effect on the community
Possible Solution(s)
Conclusion/Action Steps
Grammar and punctuation was perfect throughout both documents.
Spelling and vocabulary was perfect throughout both documents.
Both documents were perfectly organized and easy to read.
Both documents were professional throughout their entirety.
QUESTION 2: Audience, Occasion, and Purpose
Knowing how to analyze who your audience is, what the occasion calls for and what the
purpose of a speech is a process that is imperative before presenting the information.
For this assignment, you are going to prepare a written speech that you would deliver if you
were asked to deliver the commencement address at your Rasmussen graduation.
At the top of the written speech please identify who you believe will be in the audience, what a
graduation speech calls for, and the purpose. Then write out a manuscript of the speech. The
entire document should not exceed 2 pages and the speech should not exceed 10 minutes.
Both audience and occasion descriptions were detailed and well written.
The purpose description was detailed and well written.
The speech was tailored to a graduating audience.
The speech was two pages in length and would take approximately 10 minutes to present.
QUESTION 3: Electronic, Written, and Oral Media Communications
Everyone interviews for a job or has been presented with a situation where you can try to
convince someone you are worthy of a job. This assignment will prepare you for those
For this assignment, you are going to write out and deliver a short speech that is 30 seconds or
less along with a document that is a manuscript of your speech.
30 Second Commercial:
A 30-second commercial is a clear, brief message about you. It communicates who you are,
what you’re looking for, and how you can benefit a company or organization. It’s typically about
30 seconds, the same amount of time a company gets to run an ad on the television. At a career
fair, you can use your speech to introduce yourself to employers or at the beginning of an
interview. It is important to have your speech memorized and practiced You want it to sound
natural. Get comfortable with what you have to say so you can breeze through it when the time
This 30- second commercial speech is:

absolutely no longer than 25 to 30 seconds
or – in words – approximately 80 to 90 words
or – in sentences – 8 to 10 sentences
Education was very descriptive with detail throughout the speech.
Qualifications were described well with great detail.
The entire speech was memorized.
Speech fell within the time limit.
QUESTION 4- Reviewing Presentations
For this 1-2 page assignment, you are going to watch the video of a speech and write a peer
review as if the speaker would get the feedback from you in written form.
In the review, please address the following aspects of the speech, giving clear examples from
the speech, and then critique the student’s performance.

At least three aspects of delivery
At least two aspects of content
Was the speech effective?
Student Speeches for Analysis
3 or more aspects of delivery were discussed in detail.
3 or more aspects of delivery were discussed in detail.
Speech effectiveness was assessed in detail and was well written.
QUESTION 5: Professional Writing Concepts
Below are two professional emails. Read through each of the emails copy and paste them to a
Word Document. Edit them utilizing the Review tab in Microsoft Word. Please review each
email, finding all errors in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and professionalism.
After you have completed editing and revising the email, pick one of the two and re-write the
email so that it is free of all spelling, grammar and content errors and is professional and
Email #1
From: Tricia Marcus
To: Allison Brown
Subject: Today’s Meeting
Hey Allison!
I am looking forward to seeing you today for our meeting. I’ve attached the materials needed
for our discussion. Let me know if you have any questions.
Tricia Marcus
Marketer Extraordinaire
(555) 545-5656
“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin
Email #2
To: Bob Pope
From: Gabrielle Mendes
Subject: Job?
Hey Bob, We talked a couple weeks back at the chamber of commerce event. (I was the one
looking for a summer internship and had a zit on my lip that could have passed for a cold soar.
Lol. Whew. It was not. You’re probably like, “uh.. What?” Maybe that helps you recall, maybe
not. Not completely important, I suppose.
I’d really like to come work for you at your IT business. You seemed like a cool person to work
for, I liked ur striped pants. I’m available to start working on Monday, but I am taking my
driver’s test in June and have to study and go an hour and half away to take it at an easier place
cause I’m not a great driver so I’ll miss a few days. I am also going to the beach with friends for
a week in July. Oh, and my grandmother has bad gas (OMG IT’S TERRIBLE) and sometimes I
have to take her to the doctor.
I’ve attached my resume, it’s the bomb dot com. Let me know if you have a job opening for me.
I can’t wait to play on some computers. If I don’t respond to your email, I’m always on FB,
snapchat or insta!
Peace out,
Gabrielle Mendes
All grammar mistakes were found and corrected.
All spelling mistakes were found and corrected.
The review feature was utilized perfectly for all mistakes.
The entire revision document was error free.
QUESTION 6- Case Study Presentation
Creating a PowerPoint for a professional presentation is a great skill to learn, as most
companies use PowerPoint for all different purposes.
For this assignment you will create a PowerPoint You will find a case study or a research project
in the area you studying, use the library website to find your case study. It is recommended that
you find a case study in the field you are studying, but any case study is fine for this
Your presentation will need to include slides on the following areas:

Introduction to the case
Methods used to conduct the research
What was found (findings)
How it was implemented
Creativity should be evident throughout the Power Point presentation. Treat this presentation
as though you were presenting to an employer, all aspects of the Power Point will be assessed.
Feel free to use the notes section in PowerPoint if you would like to make any special
presentation notations of how you would present your information.
The introduction slide was well written and creative.
The methods slide was well written and creative.
The findings slide was well written and creative.
The implementation slide was well written and creative.

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