Rasmussen College Early Childhood Program Communication System Letter


You will write both a brief introductory letter/message to describe the importance of developing high-quality interactions with families and children AND an introductory family survey to elicit each family’s individual needs and preferences of your early childhood program’s communication system. The introductory message must describe the importance of developing positive interactions with families and children. The survey content must demonstrate your value of positive, meaningful interactions among the children, families, and educators toward promotion of partnership.In a Microsoft document or an electronic format, Compose a 1-2 page letter/message to parents discussing the importance of developing high-quality interactions and communication with families and children. Provide examples for how this will happen or how it will look like in your program.Create an original survey with questions that ask families about their communication needs and preferences. The survey must include:Directions for families to help them complete the survey. At least two questions for each of the following areas:Modality – In which formats do families prefer to receive and share information?Frequency – How often do families want to receive certain information? How will families share information with the program?Topics – What types of information do families want to receive?Expectations – What do families expect from their communication with the program?For each survey question, you may use a rating system (such as rating the preference of each element between one and five, with one being lowest and five being the highest), multiple choice, or open-ended questions. Remember, professional presentation is important as this is a family-facing tool. Use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and clear organization.

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