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Programming Assignment 6 – Improvements
For the final part of the project, extend your MiniJava compiler by adding support for division. The
support should include support for the division operation in the scanner, parser, semantic analysis
and code translation.

Add support for the new division token “/”.
Add Expression ::= Expression / Expression as a new production.
Semantic analysis should check for valid expressions, as well as divide by zero.
Code generation should concatenate registers as described by the X86_64 architecture for
Executing x86-64 Code with gcc
Your compiler should produce output containing x86-64 assembly language code for the division
operation. You can compile and execute your generated code and the bootstrap program using gcc,
and you can use gdb to debug it at the x86-64 instruction level. Refer to the previous Homework 5
for instructions on using gcc and gdb.
You should test your compiler by processing MiniJava programs, such as BinarySearch which use
division. You should also create your own test programs to verify implementation on a number of
scenarios, such as:

Divide by local registers

Divide by parameters

Divide by constants

Divide by zero
What to Hand In
For this phase of the project the main things we will be looking for are the following:

That your compiler properly generates the code to X86-64 assembly code (-C option)
That your assembly code compiles with GCC.
Your program runs to completion and produces the correct output for division
We also check several of the example MiniJava programs.
To submit your code, you must first clean the entire directory using the following command:
ant clean
After the directory has been cleaned, compress the entire minijava_starter directory structure into a
.zip file with the following name structure: csc348_hw6_[lastname]_[firstname].zip
Submit the code to D2L along with sample output in a text file in the submission folder. This is to
demonstrate that your code ran correctly before submitting it.
We will test your code by building and running your project using ant and Java from the command
line, using one or more sample programs from the project. Please make sure your program runs and
generates the correct output before submitting it.

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