Posted on a different day than your initial response, your follow up response is a response to a peer’s post. Please attempt to challenge your peer and present unique ideas and perspective, bringing in ideas from the textbook as well as other sources. – Essaylink

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(2) Posted on a different day than your initial response, your follow up response is a response to a peer’s post. Please attempt to challenge your peer and present unique ideas and perspective, bringing in ideas from the textbook as well as other sources. “I agree” or ” I disagree” is simply not enough to constitute a valid and comprehensive follow up response.(250 words)
Ted talk:–1hOm1s&index=1725
My initial post: Privilege can be defined as a factor that decides someone’s well being in society, and like the speaker, Michael Kimmel says, as long as people do not acknowledge their privilege, it is difficult for the oppressed to be identified as what they are. Feminism as a movement started decades ago, and there’s always a platform for women to speak on the importance of gender equality. Writing on the experience of the speaker here, the discussion on gender equality has layers and does not limit to only men and women. This is literally called Intersectionality, and by the definition, it means, a white woman can be more privileged than a black woman and still not know about it, or acknowledge it. The answer to why the privilege is not recognized by those who have it is simple. The recent Black Lives Matter movement throws light on how white privilege works. When someone is not discriminated, assaulted, and killed for their color, they do not know the importance of speaking up for racism. If they do, then well, they are aware of their privilege, a place that their life, and social background has offered them to exist in society. The system of patriarchy, has even today, made it clear to most of the population that women cannot be equal to men, and next comes the entitlement of men, as quoted by the author, which makes it difficult to show men their privilege (Kimmel, 2015). Finding equality is important for every gender, every religion, and every country. It will save money, time, and the economy. When people acknowledge their privilege, they will be thankful for what they have, and how their color or the gender they are born with can give them more than their counterparts.
Peers Post:
The ted talk that Michael Kimmel presented gave a great analogy that presented white privilege (and privilege in general) in, I think, an eye opening way. He compared having privilege to having your race and gender be invisible to the world. If you are white you are thought of to be a human, whilst if you are black, you are a black human. The comparison was presented while Michael Kimmel was at a feminist study group he had helped put together and conversation between a white woman and a black woman arose. He recalls, in the video posted by the YouTube channel: TED (Why Gender Equality Is Good for Everyone- Men Included), the black woman explaining to the white woman how “When I wake up and look in the mirror I see a black woman”. Not just a woman, which was how the white woman expressed she saw herself fin the mirror. Michael Kimmel then goes on to explain how sitting in the group of women he realized that “When I look in the mirror in the morning, I see a human being”. Showing even further how mindlessly invisible race and/ or gender is to someone with privilege. Kimmel brings up this example in attempt to portray how people of different races and/ or genders move differently around society,  some step on less eggshells than others. His race and/ or gender does not place fear in how he will be perceived or treated by the world.

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