Persuasive Image and Text Discussion


The goal is to analyze how persuasive images and text connect to target audiences in ways that are, or are not, necessarily obvious. Select a 30-second television commercial from 2022 for an American commercial product or brand meaning no non-profit organizations. This is the recommended outline:Paragraph 1: Have an intro paragraph that does the job of what an intro paragraph should do Paragraph 2Context:What commercial did you choose? Explain a little bit of the history behind the brand, product and corporate/marketing history of the product. Was this commercial, for instance, part of a bigger advertising campaign? When and where did it air on television? Or was it just totally online? What was the reaction to the advertisement at the time from the public or professional press? Does it have any enduring legacy?Paragraph 3Strategic Report: Who is the target audience for the brand and/or product? What do you think the commercial is attempting to accomplish in order to reach that audience? Have they chosen famous spokespeople or voice-overs, or have they used unknown actors? Do they use animation? How effective were these choices? Paragraph 4Description:Very thickly describe the commercial. Go through its organization. Describe all visual cues. Describe all audio cues. Just a very thick description of the entire commercial. Paragraph 5Analysis: Detail the commercials strengths and weaknesses, especially visual strengths and weaknesses. The point here is to reveal things about the advertisement that might not be obvious to public audiences. Then assess the final shot, evaluating the logo, slogan and/or whatever else is displayed as the final image. Name at least one specific thing you would have changed in the advertisement. Paragraph 6:The Ask: What is being asked of the audience? Does the commercial create a new attitude, reinforce an existing one, or attempt to modify a behavior? Is there a call-to-action or is the audience supposed to feel something toward the product and/or brand? Does the Askeffectively appeal to the intended target audience? Why or why not? Paragraph 7:Ethical Tensions: What are the ethical implications that must be kept in mind when considering the persuasive message of this product/brand? Are social norms, as they relate to class/gender/race, reinforced or violated? Paragraph 8Final Judgment: Render a verdict whether you feel this is or is not an effective persuasive message for reaching a specific target audience. Explain your judgment by incorporating concepts from this course. Paragraph 9: Have a closing paragraph that does what a closing paragraph ought to do. I’ll have more info on Blackboard.

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