North Lake College Problem in College that Inhibits Learning Proposal


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Persuasive Proposal Toulmin Guide
Legend for figure 8.3
1. “Warrants – Describing ‘background’ will address your boss’s desire that your group continues
to be innovative and successful. This is addressing warrants.
2. Backing – Backing is information that ‘backs up’ the warrants. You know your boss is happy to
have a stellar group such as global accounts. Re affirm its success in your closing line.
3. Warrants – The statement of the problem is where you will address what you know your boss
does not want, an unproductive workplace. His ‘dislikes’ are sometimes stated or unstated
beliefs. Describe the problem as something that may endanger the health of the company,
employees, or department. He must believe it is real and demands action.
4. Claim – Your proposed solution is your claim. Be sure to use precise language that implies
success such as ‘increase productivity.’
5. Support – The proposed plan is evidence of how the solution will be implemented and be
successful. Remember, you are selling an idea. To sell an idea, you must provide evidence that
persuades your boss to acceptance it.
6. Qualifier – This is qualifying language that does not make absolute guarantees. See bold words
and phrasing.
7. Rebuttal – This constitutes your counter argument with regard to the extra expense the new
hires will cause. Be sure to include evidence that points to costs being offset either tangibly or
8. Warrants – More warrants in the final sections: benefits and conclusion. You must address all of
the objectives and goals you believe your boss holds: profitability, productivity. In short, you
must persuade him to believe this is a good investment in the future.”
Figure 8.3 on the next page (2 pages)
Point Value: up to 100 points
Final Exam – The Internal Persuasive Proposal
Instructions: Compose an internal persuasive proposal for solving a problem
that stifles productivity on the job OR a problem in college that inhibits learning or
safety. Choose a problem where the resolution depends on common sense,
observation, and moderate research.
Preparation – Toulmin Elements: Review ‘Structure of an Internal Proposal’ in
the textbook. Be sure to study how the Toulmin elements are incorporated in
each content area of the proposal. Be sure to compose your proposal
Review Illustrations:

Use the Sample Internal Proposal as your guide for content arrangement
Use the Spacing illustration as your guide for formatting
Use the Toulmin illustration as your guide for proper placement of Toulmin
Content Areas:
The content areas below are the minimum required and are mandatory.

Subject Line
Statement of the problem [Not just a sub-heading, a brief description of the problem]
Proposed solution [Not just a sub-heading, a brief description of the solution]
Proposed Plan [Not just a sub-heading, a detailed description of methods used to implement
the solution.

Benefits of the proposed solution [forecast of benefits]
• Minimum 2 – Single –spaced pages
• 12-point type size – Times New Roman font style
• 1-inch margins
• Alignment: justified
• No indents
• One-line space to separate paragraphs and sections
Submission: Save your document as a word document or rich.txt file using the
file name: , then submit as a separate
attachment using the assignment function.

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Internal Persuasive Proposal

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