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Step 1
Read Carnegie’s “The Gospel of Wealth”(SC 16.2) and Bellamy’s “Parable of the Coach.” (SC 16.3) Found in the Source Collection of Chapter 16 in the Created Equal textbook 
Step 2
Summarize each source in 3 sentences
Step 3
Answer this question: How do these sources see the relationship between the poor and the wealthy?
Go to this link and read about the source.…

Step 1
Read the source
Step 2
Summarize your source in at least 3 sentences.
Step 3
Write a 3 sentence reaction to the primary source.
Step 4 
Discuss how your primary source relates to the lecture. 

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Massachusetts Bureau of Statistics of Labor, from The Working Girls of
Boston (1884)
As the Industrial Revolution transformed the American economy, it had an important social
impact. By the 1880s, what would become the Progressive Movement began to take shape, as
reformers began to question the methods and assumptions of laissez-faire Gilded Age
entrepreneurs. This report, as part of that trend, documents the poor working and living
conditions of women workers in Massachusetts. Of special concern in the report, and to
reformers of the time, were the unsanitary conditions in which many of the women lived. The
forthcoming economic depression of the 1890s would force even more women into such
working conditions.
The Population of the city of Boston, according to the Tenth United States Census, in 1880, was
362,839; of this number 172,368 were males and 190,571 were females. The whole number of
persons engaged in that year in all occupations was 149,194, the males numbering 110,313 and
the females 38,881; out of this latter number of females employed in all occupations, there
were, in round numbers, 20,000 employed in occupations other than domestic service, and
these constitute the body of the working girls of Boston….
In numerous cases…girls were found living for the sake of economy in very limited quarters,
which could not be conducive to good sanitary conditions. In some instance, girls were found
living in small attic rooms, lighted and ventilated by the skylight only; the furnishing generally
consisted of a small single bed, bureau and chair, with no wardrobe, except one curtained in
the corner. In other cases, girls were forced to content themselves with small side rooms
without a chance for a fire, which in some cases was sadly needed. One girl had a small side
room in the third story of a respectable house, but said she could not expect much more at the
present cost of living; still others were reported as living together with other members of the
family in a tenement of one back room and side bedroom; another, as one of 18 families in a
single building with hardly the necessary articles of furniture; another, occupying the third story
of a house which seemed the poorest on the street. On the other hand, girls were found living
in large rooms, quite well and sometimes handsomely furnished, in some instances with side
rooms adjoining, not perhaps because they could really afford such quarters, but because they
preferred to economize in other ways, in order to have some of the comforts, in looks at least,
of home.
In a few cases where girls reported their health as being poor, or not good, they also
complained of the poor board provided, as well as of the unpleasant surroundings at home; one
girl made the statement that her home was pleasant and healthy, but to the agent of the
bureau, the reverse seemed to be the case, for the hall was dirty, the floor covered with a
worn-out rag carpet, while the air was filled with disagreeable odors; the girl appeared to be in
poor health, untidily dressed, and dirty. Another was found living in the upper story of a cheap
tenement house, directly in the rear of a kerosene factory having a tall chimney that constantly
puffed out thick black smoke, which, together with the offensive smell of the kerosene, forced
the occupants always to have the kitchen windows closed. In another case, one of the girls said
that she spent all her spare time and Sundays with her sister in another part of the city, as her
home was very unpleasant and uncomfortable; she also said the Board of Health had visited the
house last year and recommended many alterations, but she did not know whether they were
attended to or not. Another girl was found living in four small rooms as one of a family of 12, in
a house located very near a stable and having bad drainage. One other girl complained of the
odor from the waterclosets in the halls, and said it was anything but agreeable.
In a house where a considerable number of girls are cared for, it was found that there was no
elevator in the building, and some of the girls were obliged to go up five flights of stairs to reach
their rooms, two or three girls being placed in each room; the upper story of the building was
without heat, and in the winter was said to be like and ice house; radiators are placed at the
ends of halls, and transoms open into the rooms, but these have no particular effect on the
temperature of the rooms, and there are no other ways of heating; extra charge is made for
rooms heated directly by the register, and even then such rooms are not always to be obtained,
they being generally occupied, and there being but a few of them….

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Explanation & Answer:
3 Reading Evaluations

the gospel of wealth

the poor and the wealthy

Massachusetts Bureau of Statistics of Labor

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