NCC Evaluating Implicit Bias When Making Decisions Paper


Assignment: Evaluate Implicit Bias When Making Decisions
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In this assignment, you will take at least one of the Implicit Association Tests (IATs) which are intended to measure your attitudes and beliefs. Through the completion of an IAT, you may discover an implicit attitude that you were previously unaware of that could affect your decision-making. It is important to note that the IAT may cause discomfort, as it brings to light areas that you had not previously considered. Therefore, it is important to approach the IAT from the lens of being an educational tool to create greater self-awareness.
Go to Project Implicit to take this free survey:
Once at the link, be sure to read the Overview which is under the heading Education. You are encouraged to review the various topics including the FAQs. You can click on the heading Take a Test. Feel free to choose any one of the IATs listed. After taking one of the IATs, answer the following questions using the NCUOne Video Note tool:
In your own words, describe what an implicit bias is.

Do you think that the IAT you took accurately assessed your implicit attitudes on the topic? If so, where might your own hidden biases have come from? For example, what role did family conversations, things you learned in school, cultural experiences, the news, or even television play? (Please note that you are not being asked your opinion of the test, whether you like it, or it if is valid.)

In what ways might you work on your own hidden biases now that you’ve taken the IAT?

As a researcher, how will you use this information when reviewing information shared/authored by others? 

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