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INDIRECT MESSAGE (Bad-News Message)A colleague is actively looking for another job. He/She has worked in the same department as you for the past 5 years. You know his/her work product quite well having been involved in a number of projects together. While his/her work product always seems to be mostly acceptable, you have often questioned his/her dedication to the job and have many times felt “put upon” when having to pull more than your share of a project’s workload. Your colleague always has an explanation of a family emergency or a personal situation that caused his/her work to be delayed, to be incomplete when due, and you have come to assume that you will need to complete your portion of the project and most of what was assigned to your colleague.This past week, your colleague sent you an email asking you to serve as a reference for him/her, going so far as to ask you to write a recommendation letter that he/she could submit to any employer–something generic was what your colleague said in the message. You were quite stunned that he/she would consider asking you to be a reference. You need to tell him/her that you cannot serve as a reference but you need to do so in a positive way using all of the skills you learned in Chapter 9. What can you say and how can you say it to convey that you wish your colleague well in a future job but you do not wish to commit yourself to serve as a reference for him/her?Prepare an email message in which you decline to serve as a reference for your colleague. Say “no” without using the word “no” as you learned in Chapter 9. Use ONLY positive language. Make sure to use a buffer paragraph as your colleague will certainly be expecting you to agree to write the letter of reference and will need explanations as to why you cannot agree to do so before you say that you cannot do so. Type your email message using MICROSOFT WORD–use all proper email headings and spacing in your message. Don’t forget to use your email signature block! Upload your completed file to the appropriate Dropbox by the specified date/time for this assignment.DIRECT MESSAGE–Request for SpeakerYou are the planning chair for your organization (e.g., fraternity, sorority, an honorary organization affiliated with your major, etc.), and you have been asked by the Executive Board to contact an individual to invite him/her to speak at your upcoming national convention. You may select the person you would like to invite, the date/time for the person to speak at your convention, and whether you would like to invite the person to speak in person or to give the person the option of speaking live in real-time via Zoom or some other web platform. You may also determine if you wish to pay an honorarium to this person or to offer free hotel room, travel, food per diem, etc., That decision is yours to make but could be based on the Executive Board’s decision and information provided to you when you were tasked with this job. Again, this is YOUR decision. Write an official invitation LETTER using your organization’s letterhead (stationery) and make sure your letter has all of the parts of a letter and follows all of the rules for spacing, etc., for a BLOCK STYLE LETTER. Your textbook has several examples in CHAPTER 4, and you have the handout I sent to you via D2L email. Type your professional business letter using MICROSOFT WORD and use the correct block style letter format (all letters parts included and all proper spacing/margins). Upload the completed assignment to the dropbox by the specified due date/time.

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