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Provide a 500-1,000 word paper that, at a minimum, identifies the data needs in terms of the following:What is needed? Be specific for each variable (e.g., Monthly Sales last 12 months, Number of Monthly Customers last 12 months).How can the data be obtained? When can the data be obtained?For each data variable, identify the specific type: Are they measured data (continuous, e.g., how long does a customer stay in the retail store?) or counted data (discrete, e.g., how many customers came to the store from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.?).Also, assess whether the available data can be used to address the specific analytics problem statement identified in the Topic 2 assignment.Provide the raw data that you will be using for subsequent assignments. Place the dataset into an Excel file. Ensure that column headers are provided that clearly identify the meaning of each data variable. As needed, provide the necessary information in the file so data values can be interpreted. If there are concerns about proprietary issues related to using company data, you can change your dataset accordingly.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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Sammy Laurore
Business Problem Statement
For this assignment, you will use this “Business Problem Statement” template to organize your
problem statement. Complete the table below according to the directions found in your
After providing complete information below, write out your Business Problem Statement in the
last box.
What is the organizational history?
Has this problem been previously
How long has this problem existed?
What are the potential factors that
are influenced by this problem or
factors that the problems influence?
What stakeholders can you
interview to ascertain root causes of
the problem?
Is the business problem stated in
such a way that analytical tools and
techniques can be applied to
address it?
he Palm Beach County School Readiness Coalition was
incorporated in 1999 and submitted its School Readiness
Plan in 2000. In 2005, the Legislature changed the School
Readiness Coalition to the Early Learning Coalition and
added the administration of the Voluntary Prekindergarten
(VPK) program as a function of the Coalition. consolidated
each of the early childhood education and childcare
programs across the state into one integrated program of
school readiness services. Specifically, the act created the
Florida Partnership for School Readiness to coordinate
school readiness programs administered by local school
readiness coalitions at the county or multi-county level.
Yes, to date, the coalition has struggled to effectively to
provide accurate data reports after it actively going live
with the new online web application system.
The problem has persisted over the last two years as the
coalition seeks to use data analyzation to constantly give
their forecasts to assist to the providers and parents for
childcare assistance
Inaccurate data are influenced by various factors. On the
providers side: reimbursements, payments, enrollments and
rate and special fee. Parent side: Waitlist, enrollment,
children placement, rate and special fee
The staffs of family services, provider services department
use the system on a daily and the data and system
department of the coalition would the one because they
have encountered various issues. They can pinpoint any
factors affecting the system explicitly.
The plan is use tableau as one of the data report software to
help analyze better data and show graphic view of the data
to upper management
© 2017. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.
Sammy Laurore
Can the necessary data for your
identified business problem be
What are specific benefits to the
organization if the business
problem is solved using analytics?
State the business problem.
The data can be obtained from the internet. The coalition
often updates its past child enrollments and payments
history information on the web archives.
The coalition will benefit from the use of analytics tools
since the data analyst will be able to create effective data to
help the staffs obtain more accurate data which increase
productivity and motivation.
Since the coalition has moved fully to the online system; it
has encountered various issues that affect daily process
such as online payment, enrollments, Provider contracts,
reimbursement, and attendance. The problem lies in
producing accurate data due to data migration.
© 2017. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.
HouseholdID PersonID (Parent) Parent Last Name Parent Middle Name Parent First Name
Parent Date of Birth Parent Phone Parent Phone Secondary Parent Email Address Child ID
Child Last Name Child Middle Name Child First Name Child Gender Child DoB Residential Address Line 1
Residential Address Line 2 Residential City Residential State Abbreviation
Residential Zip Code
Enrollment ID
Provider ID Doing Business As License Number Program Year Contract Type Desc Contract Status Desc
Provider Physical Address Line 1
Provider Physical Address Line 2
Provider Physical Address City
Provider Physical Address Zip Code
Director Name Owner Email Address Contact Email Email Address
Contact Name Contact Phone
Analytics Problem Statement
For this assignment, you will use this “Analytics Problem Statement” template to organize your
problem statement. Complete the table below according to the directions found in your
After providing complete information below, write out your Analytics Problem Statement in the
last box.
Identify any analytics-based
assumptions involved in the
scope of the project.
Identify the specific output
measures that would be
improved (e.g., profit,
retention) as a result of
implementing the analyticsbased solution.
Identify the cost of not
implementing the analyticsbased solution.
Identify specific inputs and
how they relate to the specific
output measures.
Describe the analytics focus
area, including justification
for selecting the focus area to
address the specific analytics
Include information related to
ability to obtain the necessary
data for your identified
business problem. Be as
specific as possible.
Document the specific
analytics problem statement
to be addressed by the project
(e.g., perform a multiple
regression analysis to predict
sales based on number of
customers, advertising cost).
Since the data were data were using before coming from a different
database server, we assume that we have about 80% of clean data to
beta test before we could go live. Because of the inaccuracy of the
data staffs could not process an application.
We hope to have better stability with data reporting and processing to
help the stakeholders. Such as; data quality delays in real time
synchronization and slow data processing throughout all the coalitions.
Also, users such as parents and providers would be able operate the
system with long delay and coalition staffs would to process
applications at faster pace.
Not implementing the analytics-based solutions would force the
reimbursement working overtime to process payment, finance
department would continue payment providers estimate payments.
Some of the specific inputs of the coalition online system are ID,
email, name, age, address, date of birth, SSN, employment status,
license status, and income status. These factors determine if the
provider would qualify to have a contract, what type of program a
parent would qualify for and what type of care the child would have.
With using predictive modeling, this will create a more efficient and
higher quality diagnostic model using expanded attributes that could
use during beta testing without effecting the live data.
To help alleviate some of the issues, we schedule numerous webinars
to go over the issues that were reported by staffs, hire additional
developers such as; SQL Business Intelligence, tableau Developer and
consultant to help the understand the daily use of the system
The goal is to use Tableau as a data analysis tool to help us determine
the top four best performing models. These models could include
logistic regression, liner regression, neural network and decision tree.
© 2017. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.

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