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Good News
Business Communication, MGMT 3510
See Dropbox date in canvas, by 11:59 p.m. CDT
MSWord, rtf, or PDF document format only
APA Guides:
VandenBos, G. (Ed.) (2010). Publication manual of the American psychological
association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: American
Psychological Association.
APA Citation Guide
APA Style: (Links to an external site.)
Purdue University: (Links to an
external site.)
Dr. Abel’s Research Guide: (Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)
Cornell University: (Links to an
external site.)
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Objective: This assignment will evaluate your ability to apply writing mechanics (word choice,
sentence & paragraph formation) principles, your ability to effectively write a good news
Write a one-page memo based on the following:
You are a Human Resource Generalist for a large corporation that employs 1,200 people.
Your organization has been searching for ways to keep rising health care costs under control. A
recent study of employer wellness programs found that health care costs rose at a 15% slower
rate among wellness program participants when employers consistently offered a wellness
program to their employees. Thus, your department has established a company-wide wellness
program that will launch on March 1; and, you are responsible for communicating the programs’
components to all employees.
Employees will be reminded of these events via e-mails from the Human Resources Department
and in a monthly wellness newsletter. They can view the wellness program schedule and sign up
to participate in the above opportunities by visiting the wellness program website.
The newly developed wellness program includes numerous opportunities for employees, many
of which include incentives and rewards. Employees may participate in a Get Moving club
dedicated to walking a half hour each day during breaks. Each employee will receive a free
pedometer and may choose to participate in a step-counting contest. The company will be
offering an annual health screening during work hours at no cost to employees. The company has
partnered with Weight Watchers and will offer on-site classes at a discount to those employees
who wish to participate. Yoga classes will also be offered following regular work hours. And,
monthly health education seminars will be provided; the first of which is entitled Reducing Stress
and is scheduled for March 15.
Write an effective, well-organized memo using the SEA organizational formula that informs all
employees in the organization about the new wellness program. Today’s date is February 18.
Reference Request Letter
Business Communication, MGMT 3510
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MSWord, rtf, or PDF document format only
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Article on Reference Requests: Harvard Business Review (Links to an external site.)
Please carefully read the instructions and do ALL that is asked for full points
Compose a letter to one person from your reference list, asking permission to use either
his/her name to list as a reference on an application or request a letter of reference from
Asking for a Letter of Reference: You may use this assignment to request a reference
letter for a study abroad application, graduate school application, or job-application
reference letter.
Items to include in reference request letter:

Letter Formatting: Use all parts of a letter. See textbook
Address to one of your five reference list members
Request: Asking to use his/her name or asking from him/her, to write a reference
letter on your behalf for a job application, study abroad application, or graduate
school application.
State the job you are applying to and with what company and the timeframe of when
you’ll be applying.
Let reference person know why you are reaching out to him/her (why you value their
opinion or why you see them as an excellent reference)
State the person’s name (if known) of who might contact them.
Tell this reference person WHY you are interested in the position and what
credentials you would like your reference person to focus upon, if called or if he/she
writes a reference letter. State three (3) to four (4) credentials (keep it concise and

focused) that match the job in which you are seeking. This is where you also
“remind” your reference person by stating projects, for example, that the two of you
worked on together or other content that you want to list that describes the nature in
which the two of you worked together. If you are applying for a study abroad, then
write a brief description of why the program is suited for your career goals.
Remember that your credentials should be specific over “good communicator”
(express good communication skill by stating a project you worked on or an example
which would “show” that you are a good communicator)
Be sure not to demand this request. Provide/mention that this person is not obliged
to be a reference, but ask that he/she let you know if he/she should decline.
However, you should be asking references from those that you know will be a
positive reference on your behalf and those that know you well.
Note that when you actually do request a reference, you would also include a
resume with this reference request.
While there is no example given for you to view, feel free to search the Internet for an
example in which to generally base your letter request.

Formatting (proper letter format with all parts: return address, dateline, inside
address, greeting, close, signature block, notations—if applicable). See textbook
Keep this to one page–concise
Wording: Positive, clear, concise.
Correct writing approach: Direct Approach
Mechanics (correct spelling, punctuation, word usage)
Writing Style (avoidance of cliché’s, positive, correct layout and flow)
General Writing Correctness (Must have a minimum of three paragraphs: opening,
body, closing paragraphs)
Professional Look and appealing
Appearance (correct spacing, font, layout, readability)

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