MDC Work Architecture Worksheet


Question 1 The entry hall at the Syon Hall by Robert Adam is comprised of the following elements (Select two (2) that apply) Oriented across the lateral axis of the building’s main axis takes the form of a single apse basilica is open to the both adjacent Ante-Rooms is directly accessible through the Dining Room Utilizes free standing columns to enter the rotunda Question 2 Which of the following terms is best reflects of the late Picturesque18th century contributions of France (Select two (2) that apply) 1. Sublime 2. Romanticism 3. Vissionary 4. Revolutionary 5. Picturesque
Question 3 The double corinthian columns of the Benedict Abbey by Jakob Prandtauer was heavily influenced by which of the following architects: (Select two (2) that apply) 1. Johann Neumann in the Holkham Hall 2. William Kent in the Holkham Hall 3. John Nash in Cronkhill 4. Gianlorenzo Bernini, in St. Peter’s Cathdral 5. Giacomo della Porta in Il Gesu Question 4 Other than the clear resemblance to the Pantheon in Rome, which two time periods was the architect Jaques-Germain Soufflot attempting to combine in the Pantheon (Ste. Genevieve), in Paris? (Select two (2) that apply) 1. Greek 2. Byzantine 3. Baroque 4. Carolingian 5. Gothic Question 5 Which of the following statements are true of the industrial revolution? (Select two (2) that apply) In place of human and animal muscle power, the coal burning steam engine offiered seemingly unlimited amounts of energy. “Industrial” buildings materials made it possible to for engineers to devise structures of tremendous height, span, and strength. The industrial revolution did not translate to improvements in architectural productivity or sanitation The Industial revolution owith a tramatic swiftness when compared to the slow-motion evolution of political revolutions The industrial revolution had little influence in England as most of England was involved in the medieval revival Question 6 Which of the following statements about Etienne-Louis Boullee, led to the development project for Newton’s Cenotaph? (Select two (2) that apply) 1. Boullee loved elementry geometries, but most of all the pyramid. 2. Boullee was visionary and ambitious 3. The terrace and landscaped cylindrical base was influences by the Gothic tombs 4. Boullee was outside of this element when he worked on the Cenotaph 5. Boullee loved elementry geometries, but most of all the shere. Question 7 Taking root in the seventeenth century, the Baroque churches in Germany were heavily influenced by: (Select two (2) that apply) 1. Aspects of Gothic art, as recorginized in the work of Bernini and Borromini. 2. Thirteenth-century Baroque architecture 3. Aspects of Late Gothic extravagant design, influential to Palladio and Alberti. 4. Aspects of Italian Baroque art, as recorginized in the work of Bernini and Borromini. 5. Thirteenth-century German Gothic architecture Question 8 Which of the following statements is true of the the Cronkhill, in Shropshire, designed by John Nash in the High Picturesque era? (Select two (2) that apply) 1. It reflected a building in Claude Lorrain’s painting, Coast View of Delos with Aeneas 2. It was composed of a compact, symmetrical massing, Italian vernacular loggia, and a round tower 3. It was composed of a expansive, asymmetrical massing, Italian vernacular loggia, and a round tower 4. It reflected a building in Claude Lorrain’s painting, Landscape with the Ponte Molle 5. It was composed of a compact, asymmetrical massing, Italian vernacular loggia, and a round tower Question 9 In the Vierzehnheiligen pilgrimage church, which of the following geometrics were used to resolve the issue of a centralized program in an existing elongated foundation (Select two (2) that apply) 1. circle 2. oval 3. rounded rectangle 4. Trapezoide 5. arch Question 10 Which of the two were most influential on Neo-Palladianism (Select two (2) that apply) 1. Borromini 2. Palladio 3. Gothic 4. Rome 5. French Classicism Question 11 Ledoux’s project for and Inspector’s House meant to accomplish which of the following? (Select two (2) that apply) 1. symbolize the state’s control over the nearby river 2. symbolize the state’s lack of control over the nearby river 3. is considered revolutionary and visionary 4. is considered revolution but not visionary 5. is considered visionary but not revolutionary Question 12 Which of the following are true of Christopher Wren’s St. Paul’s Cathedral? (Select two (2) that apply) 1. Wren fashioned the facade of St. Paul’s Cathedral with two tiers of of paired Corinthian Columns like those of the Louvre and framed them between towers inspoired by by those of Borromini’s Roman church of S. Agnese. 2. Pointed arches surrounding the dome were a nod to the influential french gothic 3. Pointed arches surrounding the dome were a nod to the influential italian gothic 4. St. Peter’s Cathedral was important for Wren in the conception of the cathedral. 5. Wren applied is scientific knowledge of mechanics and materials to it’s construction. Question 13 Robert Adams involvement in the Syon House was limited to (Select two (2) that apply) 1. Dome 2. Garden 3. Entrance Hall 4. Front facade 5. Interior Design Question 14 Which of these are key theories of the Enlightenment (Select two (2) that apply) 1. religion 2. humanity 3. monarchy 4. rationalization 5. picturesque Question 15 Which of the following statements were true of the William Kent and Lord Burlington as they developed Holkham Hall (Select two (2) that apply) 1. Burlington and Kent work separately on each wing of Holkham Hall 2. Burlington was born an artist 3. Kent’s lack of a narrow formal education left his fertile imagination free to explore novel ideas 4. Kent and Burlington were extremely similar. 5. Burlington Concentrated on his pedantic ideal of reestablishing values in rigid Classical form Question 16 Which of the following comments are true of the Entrance Hall at Holkham Hall in Norfolk (Select two (2) that apply) 1. The palladian “basilica” had no impact on the organisation of the space. 2. Narrow intercolumniation and the aisle along the facade are combined with several additional forms. 3. Burlington’s freedom of design and luxuriant flair at interior decor dominated the space. 4. Kent’s rule of functional Classicism hold. 5. Kent’s artistic flair trumps the pragmatic and classical nature of Burlington Question 17 The picturesque was heavily influenced by (Select two (2) that apply) 1. Palladian Architectue 2. Landscape 3. Gothic 4. French Renaissance 5. Robert Adam Question 18 Which of the following is true of the Baths of the Diocletian (Select two (2) that apply) 1. it was a reconstructed view of Roman ruins 2. it expressed a mood of decaying grandeur 3. was eventually constructed in 1730 4. it was a reconstructed view of Venetian ruins 5. it was a reconstructed view of Greek ruins Question 19 Which of the following books did Inigo Jones use to heavily influence the architecture of the Queen’s House (Select two (2) that apply) 1. Palladio’s Ten Books on Architecture 2. Palladio’s Four books on Architecture 3. Brunelleschi’s Ten Books on Architecture 4. Brunelleschi’s Four Books on Architecture 5. Palladio’s Quattro libri dell’archittettura Question 20 Which of the following Architects developed is best known for his artwork depicting the Picturesque. (Select two (2) that apply) 1. John Nash 2. Henry Flitcroft 3. Robert Adam 4. Andrea Palladio 5. Fillippo Brunelleschi Question 21 What architectural time period / Civilization influenced the Neo-Palladian period? (Select two (2) that apply) 1. Baroque 2. Byzantine 3. Eygptian 4. Renaissance 5. Roman/Classical Question 22 Which of the following architects was not involved in the Neo-Palladian era? (Select two (2) that apply) 1. William Kent 2. Robert Adam 3. Leon Battista Alberti 4. Lord Burlington 5. Le Courbusier Question 23 The Holkham Halls central block of staterooms are defined by which four wings (Select two (2) that apply) 1. State, Kitchen 2. Chapel, Guest 3. Library, Kitchen 4. Chapel, Bath 5. Guest, Saloon The Holkham Halls central block of staterooms are defined by which four wings (Select two (2) that apply) 1. State, Kitchen 2. Chapel, Guest 3. Library, Kitchen 4. Chapel, Bath 5. Guest, Saloon Which two British architects were primarily responsible for the Palladian Era in England? (Select two (2) that apply) 1. Inigo Jones 2. Christopher Wren 3. John Nash 4. Robert Adam 5. William Kent Giambattista Piranesi’s the Prisonis represented with unparalleled drama though: (Select two (2) that apply) 1. proportion 2. theatrical lighting 3. minimal detail 4. exaggerated scale 5. lighting effects


Work Architecture

Syon Hall by Robert Adam

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