MBA 509 AIU Online Artificial Intelligence Programming Project


1. Select one of the Python notebooks we developed on Google Colab.

2. Using this notebook, write an online guide / instruction manual for a general (non-technical


3. Reflect on your experiences in MBA509. 
Assessment Description

We have explored and created many machine learning apps written in Python using Google Colab. These apps demonstrated the different ways in which AI has been applied on both structured and unstructured datasets to derive insights.
Assessment Instructions

Section 1: Instruction Manual (15 marks)

The audience for the below is someone from your family who have never heard of AI before.

1. Select and provide one of your Python apps on Google Colab for assessment:

a. Name your app as follows

b. Create a section title inside your app and briefly describe, in plain language, what the app does to a non-specialist user audience. (200 words) 
2. Using your one app, write a guide, for one of your family members, that should: (500-600 words)

a. Describe the type of data that was used and explain the processes of data preprocessing and transformation.

b. Explain AI/ML algorithm(s) used to a non-technical audience.

c. Explain how AI learns and how it makes predictions.
Section 2: Reflection (15 marks)

Reflect on how this course has changed your view of AI and how it could be used in your future career. (500-600 words): In your reflection you may want to consider:

• What were you most proud of in doing MBA509?
What difficulties did you have to overcome during the course?
What did you learn about AI/ML?

• What advice would you have for a student doing MBA509 next trimester?
What applications does AI have and will have in the future?


Artificial Intelligence

machine learning apps

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