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1. As the Great Depression spread, Americans began to resent President Herbert
Hoover for his little to no attempt in restoring the economy. He avoided
addressing widespread economic problems and turned down proposals for
government funded poor relief programs. Instead, he encouraged private
companies to start charities and their own relief funds. Hoover was insensitive
towards Americans suffering during the Great Depression, leaving them to survive
on their own. Eventually, Hoover was overthrown by Franklin D. Roosevelt
Roosevelt advocated for a federal government that was larger, more active, and
present in the daily lives of Americans. After 4 years of failing to end the Great
Depression, Americans put their hope into FDR’s vision for the nation. He
introduced the first unemployment relief program, declared a national “bank
holiday”, and encouraged higher wages and better working conditions.
2. In January, President Trump initially dismissed the treat of COVID-19. He
repeatedly claimed that everything was “under control and that the virus would
eventually disappear. It wasn’t until early March when Trump began to
acknowledge the virus’s spread in the United States but still dismissed the
potential risks it brought. Mid-March he finally realized that the seriousness of the
pandemic and declared a national emergency on the 14th. Even then, Trump didn’t
think the U.S wouldn’t take a major hit. He focused on the economy more than the
increasing number of deaths from the virus. Trump’s ignorance and insensitivity
towards the dying Americans is similar to Hoover during the Great Depression.
Just like Hoover, Trump’s presidency is slowly failing. Many Americans find that
their governors are doing a better job than him in handling the virus outbreak.
Trump’s supporters are losing faith in him, as is the rest of the country.
3. Events like the Great Depression and the coronavirus pandemic can either make
or break the United States. From the spread of panic to the decrease in the Stock
Market, Americans have much reason to depend on the government to stabilize
the country. If our government does a poor job of doing so, many will be upset and
feel that they’ve been failed. At the end of the Great Depression, Americans
began to see the government as a potential ally in their daily struggles, whether it
be finding a job or getting a decent price for agricultural products. I don’t think the
coronavirus impact will have a similar impact on Americans opinion of the
government. Many are struggling to receive unemployment benefits, out of jobs,
and lack protection from these economic hard times.
A comparison between former presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt makes it clear
that the two have different ideas, points of view, and responses to the Great Depression. More
specifically, under President Hoover’s term, his reaction as soon as he became aware of the Great
Depression was to do nothing. Because he believed that the great crisis was just like a necessary change
of the economy, and it would stabilize itself through the guidance of businesses instead of government
intervention. Not only that, when things were out of control and because he wanted to deal with political
pressure, he had a few decisions to intervene in stabilizing the economy, but even until his tenure. After
all, everyone realized that the Great Depression had no signs of decline, and Hoover’s efforts were not
enough. Evidence is that he made an effort to transfer taxpayers’ money to federal governments so they
could pay for public projects. On the other hand, when former President Roosevelt came to power and
began a new term, the new great crisis immediately tended to be overcome. FDR immediately created a
new agreement with the intention of helping farmers deal with land issues and oversupply. Help them be
more productive and get more profit through higher costs. He also announced bank holidays to help
minimize the collapse of banks, as well as making recommendations and adopting regulations to control
and stabilize the stock market.
Personally, I think the response and handling of the COVID-19 pandemic of President Donald
Trump are quite similar to the way former President Herbert Hoover reacted to the Great Depression.
Evidence can be found in many places, but the data I use this time is an article on washingtonpost about
“2 months in the dark: the increasingly damning timeline of Trump’s coronavirus response”. Specifically,
this article cited in great detail that it was not until mid-March when the pandemic was in the craziest
point in Asia, that the president announced the danger and influence of this new type of tuberculosis
bacterium. Before that, he always answered interviewers that everything was under control and that the
new disease was just like normal flu. More specifically, on January 20 of this year, Chinese President Xi
Jinping acknowledged the dangers of this type of tuberculosis bacteria because they can spread among
people and it needed to be paid attention, seriously. But two days later, on January 22, our president still
said that he was not worried at all, they had it under control, and everything would be fine. It would take
a long time after that when Asian countries already had a self-quarantine, America started social
distancing. Up to now, there is no denying the number of people who are positive for this bacterium, as
well as the number of people who died of it; We can say that the situation seems to have improved
compared to the previous two weeks. But it would not have been so bad if President Trump had listened
to his advisers from the early days and relied on his advisers and constantly updated sources of news
around the world.
As far as I can tell, the great crisis, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, have left different
perspectives on the thinking of the American people about their government. In general, it is possible to
believe that the people are very confident in the decisions of the state, but there are also some who think
that the government needs to take action sooner, more drastically, and more seriously before the problems
become serious to his people. For example, through the Great Depression, the government had shown its
importance to the economy and politics when there were changes in laws to help people overcome
difficulties. By supporting jobs, reducing public debt, and reducing the number of bankrupt banks.
Likewise, Corona pandemic can make people more confident in the government if their decisions are
sound and timely. So far I can say that the attitude of the American people is not being seen as very
supportive of the federal government. Because in some places there are still controversies and protests
happening because some state governor’s decisions are unreasonable or transparent. In fact, not every
citizen obeys orders of isolation or orders to protect themselves with medical equipment.

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