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CLSE – 115
Cory D. Jensen, Kaitlin Kay
Assignment #13
Project Progress Point 4
100 points
Due April 22nd, 2022
Overall Report Format:
File name should follow the guide in the Syllabus and be submitted as a PDF. The format should
made us of the MEMO format, including all proper content of the header and requested Sections.
The conclusions should address lessons learned for both projects.
1. Project 1: Python (50 pts)
Aim: This assignment aims to allow students to gain mastery over several common features of any
coding project. Mastery is defined as understanding and being able to effectively implement: loops
(both for and while), if statements, and functions (ones that both do and don’t return values). These
components are used throughout coding and mastery of these skills will aid in any project you
attempt. No code will be provided, students are expected to be able to use resources on Canvas
and the internet to achieve the requested results.
Expected reporting format: The questions should be answered as a list that reflects the notation
used in this set of instructions. All images should have captions that describe what is present in the
image (e.g., Figure 1), this does not need to be in great detail but enough to identify which image
belongs to what question. Relevant code snippets should be reported as pasted text under the
relevant sections, a full-length code is not expected as the assignment has been formulated such
that code will get shifted and reused as students progress through questions. Screenshots of
relevant results are also expected, in particular console prints where requested.
Figure 1: Stack overflow is an electronic resource for everything information technology related. This cartoon depiction suggests
that Developers make use of it and it is comedic because Mr. Bean (performed by Rowan Atkinson, acts as if he is performing an important developmental activity when in fact, he is only
renaming a variable when ‘Stack overflow’ observes him.
Assignment Parts:
1. Loops:
a. Provided the functions: f(x) = (10^x)/(x!) and g(x) = e^(x), find the first integer of
x that satisfies: g(x) >= f(x). There is a factorial
b. Given the list of values: [2, 4, 6, 8, 10], iterate over all the values and print to the
console their squared value.
2. If statements:
a. Provided a grade as an integer between 0-100, create an if statement (use if, elif,
and else) that prints the letter value for that grade where: A is x>=90, B is
90>x>=80, C is 80>x>=70, D is 70>x>=60, and F is x

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