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the website Will be NiceOne…
reply to anther answer * analyze 2 more elements * 

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Web Design (IT404)
Discussion Board
The purpose of this discussion board is to become familiar with the HTML elements.
Topic of Discussion

Find a website you are interested in.

Analyze one page from the website by listing at least 5 HTML elements used there and
explain them.

Read the post of your classmates and post at least ONE comments to their post by analyzing
2 more elements from the website they chose.
Submission Instructions

Access the Discussion Forum for this activity by clicking on the title.

Click on “Create Thread”.

Enter a title for your response in the “Subject line”.

Type your answer into the message field to the following discussion prompt:
• 13/2/2022 @ 11:59 PM
• Marks: 3
• Marking criteria: 2 marks for your answer + 1 marks for your response to your
classmates’ thread.
NOTE: An example of unacceptable comments: “I agree with you”, “good post I like it”, “I think
your post is good” or any similar are not acceptable replies.
Anlyze 2 more elements not mentioned in this answer! (as requirments)
I have choosen to talk about this web site which has so many element but i
choose 7 of them ,
First element is the Page Tiltle that has the website brief and what it’s
about, also we have Input in ther wich i didnt mark tha defines singleline text field and make it easier for visitor to search.
Second is the Head which contains information about the web, also
carry the Navigation that has a set of links in it.
Third is heading in this website middle title wich as it is shown inside
a section that devide long website into thematic sections.
Last element is Image it caled by an attribute calls Alt.

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Explanation & Answer:
50 Words


img element

div element

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