IT 233 NVCC Develop a GUI For a Service Booth at A Local Airport Programming Task


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IT230 – Make Up (Building GUI Assignment)
1. Assume that a local bank has asked you to develop a GUI for a service booth at a local airport,
which allows a teller to perform simple Foreign Currency Exchange services. This application
must allow a teller to enter a customer’s passport number and a US Dollar amount for
exchange. The application must also provide two options of currencies, British Pound and
Canadian Dollar, for the teller to select for US Dollar conversion. Three buttons, Exchange,
Clear, and Print Transaction, must be included in the GUI for the teller to perform his/her
actions accordingly.
Create a Java GUI class, “CurrencyExchangeService”. The GUI must contain the Java components
as shown below. However, your layout can be different.
Figure a) GUI
Options in the currency drop box are:
a. A blank for resetting
b. British Pound
c. Canadian Dollar
Figure b) Drop-box
2. Assume that a gas station has asked you to develop a GUI, which allows a clerk to perform
cashier tasks. The program must allow the clerk to enter a dollar amount of gas purchase and
select whether the customer includes car wash in his/her purchase or not. Three buttons
(Pay, Print Receipt and Clear) must be included in the GUI for the clerk to perform actions
To develop the program, please follow the steps below.
Create a Java GUI class, “GasStation1”. The GUI must contain the components as shown below.
However, the layout can be different. You can come up with your own design.

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