ISSC 362 American Military University Malware Paper


Write a paper on any of the following topics:

– Mobile device attacks
– Application security in large enterprises
– Thinking like a hacker to protect your network
– Wireless security in large enterprises

– Today’s malware is much more sinister

– Database attacks

– Honeypots are incident handlers’ best friend

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Running head; Today’s malware is much more sinister
Discussion on today’s malware is much more sinister
Robert Ramos
Running head; Today’s malware is much more sinister
Today’s malware is much more sinister
Thesis statement; the main of this is to discuss the various ways in which malware has
developed and has really built up to become more dangerous in the computer world.
A. Introduction
1. Malware attacks on computers seem to be evolving as time goes by. The traditional
software is still dangerous, but then this is not so much dangerous as the second
generation of viruses which have a silver lining.
2. This lining helps in ensuring that this malware is robust compared to traditional malware
3. This paper explains scenarios in which malware has improved and become sinister.
B. Background information
1. New threat Shamoon
Firstly, a new threat that has the name Shamoon has been found and steal all the data
from the computer and then wipes it out hence leaves no trace as the computer will have
been rendered useless.
Shamoon and other new malware represent a new set of malware that has been
developed to evade any threat that will make anybody getting information from a
computer have traces of who did it (Lloyd, 2008).
They are programmed to fly and the radar; hence they are only used when the computer is
to be rendered useless.
2. Malware evolution
Secondly, malware has evolved into a massive business thereat in many
Running head; Today’s malware is much more sinister
In the 1990s, the main aim of such malware would be to cause just a little havoc
to the computer system. Currently, cyber crimes are used for so many things.
Most malware has been developed and has so many functions, which include
cybercrimes (Furnel, 2010).
Different computers can be connected, and then the malware used in making
sure that the PCs receive spam and cause different attacks on their software.
Examples of cybercrimes that malware engages in are capturing important
information of various computer users, which include the name and their
Currently, the malware invented, especially Shamoon, has the ability to cause an
attack on a specific target and not a group of computers as it was done earlier on
(Furnel, 2010).
By this, it means that in case an international attack wants to be made on a
military computer. This malware will be able to ensure that it performs the very
attack that it is programmed to do on the specific computer (Lloyd, 2008). It is
programmed to copy cat and make precise attacks without the international
spying agent.
3. Distractions that malware can cause
The bad news about such malware is that they have an excellent way of evading
detection. After generating the attack, they are never detected even before they cause the
attack. It makes them so much dangerous.
Running head; Today’s malware is much more sinister
Other than that, Flame, which is one of the dangerous malware, has been circulating in
the wild for years, and no security malware researcher has been able to detect it. They
exploit zero-day flows hence cannot be easily detected through anyway.
This malware is also useful in that their attacks are generally targeted by many. It makes
them have very specific targets hence does not cause the attack on many computers.
In case an attack is made, then most computers will not be affected because they have
specific targets and deal with specific information (Lloyd, 2008). By not spreading the
attack to many computers, this means that the threat of detection will be less as most of
them will not have been harmed.
C. Conclusion
In conclusion, One way that most business and consumers can defend their computers
from malware is by applying patches to fix all the holes in the operating system and
making sure that all the systems and applications in the computer are kept and running an
Running head; Today’s malware is much more sinister
Lloyd, B (2008) The changing face of malware. Network security. (1) 17-20
Funnel, S (2010) Hackers, viruses, and malicious software. Handbook of internet crime. 173-193

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