Identify one of the main organ damage that can occur as a result of Hypertension. Describe the pathophysiologic process of the organ damage. – Essaylink



.- Question #1: (one full page) Describe the physiology of blood pressure control. Causes of Primary Hypertension may include overactivity of the SNS; overactivity of the RAAS; alterations in other neurohumoral mediators of blood volume and vasomotor tone such as ANP, BNP, and adrenomedullin; inflammation; a complex interaction involving insulin resistance and endothelial function; and obesity-related hormonal changes.

a) Select 3 of the above potential causes and explain the pathophysiologic mechanisms of primary hypertension.

.- Question #2: (one full page) Identify one of the main organ damage that can occur as a result of Hypertension. Describe the pathophysiologic process of the organ damage.

.- Question #3: (one full page) Orthostatic hypotension can occur as an adverse effect of medications used to manage hypertension. Based on question #1 describe the pathophysiologic process that causes orthostatic hypotension.

W5: .- Question #1: (one full page) Both bronchiolitis and bronchiectasis present with a cough and dyspnea. Describe the pathophysiologic process of both bronchiolitis and bronchiectasis. Compare and contrast the two processes.

.- Question #2: (one full page) Comment how Both bronchiolitis and bronchiectasis can be present as a complication of COVID-19 virus.

.- Question #3: (one full page) Provide a clinical example of bronchiolitis and bronchiectasis.


You are seeing a patient with fatigue, pallor, dyspnea on exertion, and palpitations. The patient is 50 years old. Laboratory report indicates a low hematocrit 32, hemoglobin 9.7 and reticulocyte count low at .47% MCV of 78 and MCHC of 32.1.

.- Question #1: (one full page) Describe the pathophysiologic process of Anemia.

Identify two differential diagnoses and provide the pathophysiology of these two differential diagnoses.

.- Question #2: (one full page) Identify the additional workup that is needed to rule in or rule out these differential diagnoses. What clinical signs/symptoms would you expect to see with these two differential diagnoses?

.- Question #3: (one full page) Post the diagnosis you believe to be correct for this patient.

W8: .

.- Question #1: (one full page) : Explain what happens physiologically with chronic renal failure and the GFR. Support with evidence. Include important labs that are monitored in the process.

.- Question #2: (one full page) : Explain the role of Angiotensin II and proteinuria as they relate to advancing renal disease.

.- Question #3: (one full page): List at least three other body systems that are impacted by chronic kidney disease and why.


.- Question #1: (one full page) : Describe the pathophysiology of depression.

.- Question #2: (one full page) : Discuss the phenomenon of depression effects on appetite. Describe from a pathophysiologic basis why some people with depression experience a lack of appetite resulting in weight loss while others will experience increased food intake and have weight gain.

.- Question #3: (one full page) : Discuss two additional clinical findings of depression and present the pathophysiologic basis of these symptoms.

W10: .- Question #1: (one full page) : Explain the action of thyroid hormone. Your answer should contain the impact of the thyroid hormone on functions in the body.

.- Question #2: (one full page) : Discuss the negative feedback loop of thyroid function.

.- Question #3: (one full page) : Select either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism and define the clinic presentation providing the pathophysiologic process underlying the clinical presentation.

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