HIST 100 UCLA Hero in the Greek Culture Western Civilization Essay


This is a discussion post there are two parts, first is my own reply and the second part is to comment two classmates i will send you other students post when you done the first part, you will need to read on a chapter from the book to answer and use quotation from the book the question of the discussion is How important was the concept of the hero in Greek culture?
And here is the requirement for the discussion please read it, it is really important.Forum Board: You will need to participate in the weekly forum discussions. You are to discuss the topic/question that I provide for the week. You can earn FIVE POINTS TOTAL for your discussion posting. You will receive up to TWO POINTS for answering the question using a thesis statement. Your answer must be fully developed. This means that you have a thesis statement, and this requires that you support this thesis with the information from ONLY your textbook. If you need to write more than a paragraph to support your thesis then do it!Why only the textbook, you may ask? Because in order to be good at your job or to be a good citizen, requires that you check information being presented to you on a topic. Part of this process is looking up information that is being presented to you by another person and evaluating that information to see if your interpretation of the information supports or confirms their analysis of the information. Historians must check sources and then confirm or deny, in whole or part, the information presented by other historians. These discussions, are focused on the analysis or interpretation of the information, and in an order to save time, students need to focus on only one source that we all share, which is the textbook. For this class, you as a student, could not possibly spend time looking up more than one source being used by a fellow student and then analyzing them to see if they do or do not support that student’s thesis. As I shall discuss, this is part of the peer editing process for the discussions. Your thesis statement should incorporate the question being asked. For example, if this were the discussion question: “What impact did advanced agricultural practices have on social development?” then your thesis statement should be structured along the following lines: “Agricultural practices impacted social development in the following ways: —, —, etc.“ Make sure that you use the discussion question to construct your thesis statement. You can use this tool to help: {http://johnmcgarvey.com/ (Links to an external site.)apworld/student/ (Links to an external site.)thesiscreator.html (Links to an external site.)}.You will receive an ADDITIONAL POINT for providing support for your thesis by using ONLY your textbook citation or citations that includes BOTH the page you found it on and the paragraph or paragraphs where you found it. I SHALL NOT ACCEPT DIRECT QUOTES FROM YOUR TEXTBOOK for this part of the discussion. You are to PARAPHRASE the information from the textbook that you are using. Your citation(s) should look like this: (pg.45 p.3) for one paragraph, and like this for two or more paragraphs: (pg.45 ps.4; 5). The paragraph citation will make it easier for you to look up your fellow student’s citation while doing peer-review.For the peer review portion, you will receive an ADDITIONAL POINT for responding to an answer of a fellow student. You are required to agree and or disagree with some, or part of your fellow student’s answer with a REASONED EXPLANATION. If you agree with a student, please explain why you agree with this student; do not just state that you agree with the student. Your agreement should add further information to this student’s interpretation or further evidence as support, and NOT just simply confirm what is already been stated. If you disagree with a student, please explain why you disagree with this student. Do not just state that you disagree with the student, explain why based on your own analysis of the question. It is possible that you could simply disagree with a student for what you perceive as this student supporting their thesis with information that is simply not in the textbook. For example, you may check their citation, and find out that the information does not relate to their thesis. It is also possible, that you may disagree with the student’s interpretation of information that is in the textbook. It is also possible, that you may disagree with the student’s interpretation of information because the student failed to mention other relevant information in the textbook that contradicts the student’s thesis. Whatever the case, make sure that your peer review is done in a collegial fashion. All students are working together as colleagues trying to understand the subject matter and working towards that end. Please maintain the proper decorum by treating your fellow students with respect.Finally, while engaging in peer editing, you will receive an ADDITIONAL POINT by citing evidence from your textbook either in support or in disagreement with a fellow student. ONLY textbook citation or citations that includes BOTH the page you found it on, and the paragraphs or paragraphs number or numbers were you found it will be accepted. At this point, you CAN USE direct quotes from your textbook. This could be important because you may need to present the text from the textbook as evidence for why you disagree with your fellow student’s interpretation. Again your citation(s) should look like this: (pg.45 p.3) for one paragraph, and like this for two or more paragraphs: (pg.45 ps.4; 5).I shall determine if you’re posting a response that qualifies as an answer to the question. Please read my lecture or any other assigned course materials and chapter before attempting an answer to any of the questions. I expect that your answer will cover all the relevant material from your chapter and not just a section of it. If it does not you may not receive a point(s). Postings are due on Sunday night. The first-week posting is due the same Sunday as the second week’s posting because it may take time to secure the textbook. Outside of the first week, no late postings are accepted. I post a new discussion question on Mondays. DO NOT POST ANYTHING TO ANY DISCUSSIONS THAT IS NOT RELATED TO THE TOPIC/QUESTION ASKED. If you have a question about your grade, if you need help, if you have a question about policies, procedures, assignments, computer malfunctions, online issues, dates etc., then email me in CANVAS.

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