Hialeah High School Technology & Programming Worksheet


Exercise ContentQuestion 110 PointsAn HTML tag is displayed inside parentheses.TrueFalseQuestion 210 PointsThe term ____ implies that the webpage you design with web development software will look the same when published on the web.semantic webWYSIWYGreal-timeas you see itQuestion 310 PointsWhich of the following is an illegal act in the United States?expressing a mistaken belief that another person committed a crimepublishing bomb-making information in a criminal justice textbookexporting advanced encryption technologies to some foreign governmentsproducing, publishing, and/or distributing pornographic materialQuestion 410 PointsThe First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees that citizens are free from government censorship.TrueFalseQuestion 510 Points_____ Internet and service providers are bringing motion pictures, television programming, and other video services to PCs and cell phones.DigitalIntegratedBroadbandNarrow-bandQuestion 610 PointsA primary key is always made up of only one field.TrueFalseQuestion 710 PointsData integrity refers to the quality of data: the degree to which it is accurate and up to date.TrueFalseQuestion 810 Points________ is used on databases in both mainframe and personal computers.SLQSQLJCLCobolQuestion 910 PointsSurveillance camera networks in public places are not considered a potential threat to privacy.TrueFalseQuestion 1010 PointsA(n) ________ company maintains management in its home country and markets its products the same way in all countries and cultures in which they are sold.multinationalinternationaltransnationalglobal

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united states


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