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Mirna Abbo
March 1, 2022
Communication 122
Self concept essay
My name is Mirna Abbo. I was born on February 6, 2001 in Mosul Iraq. I am 21 years
old now. I moved to the United States in 2008 with my mother and 2 brothers when I was 7 years
old. I am a middle child and the only girl in my family. Coming to the United state at a young
age was very hard due to the language barrier. I only spoke Chaldean and Arabic. I started school
in second grade here and classified from English Language Development (ELD) in 6th grade.
Now, I speak 3 different languages. My family and I are catholics. We try to go to church every
sunday. I see myself as a hard working person. I feel like I started my life at a young age and
became very independent at age 15. I got a job as a front cashier in a grocery store that belonged
to a friend of my mothers. I started driving at age 15 and half and got my licence at age 16 in
2017. I used to own A Honda Accord as my first car in sophmore year. I believe that everyone
has a dream car to own. My dream car was a Mercedes and I was able to own one before I
graduated High School in 2019. I got into a private school in summer and got my certification as
a nurse assistant (CNA). I am currently working in a nursing home providing care for the seniors.
A lot of people would be really surprised at the things I accomplished at a young age but to me, I
felt like there’s still more out there for me to do and get done.
My Zodiac sign is Aquarius. I have been told that Aquarius are very intelligent,
innovative, and kind. I believe that is very true. I see myself as a very kind person. I always try to
help others and put others’ needs before myself. I also see myself friendly and enjoy making
friends with all types of people. I am an outgoing person. I never find it hard to get along with
people or socialize. However, caring about privacy a lot, it is hard for me to open up my heart. I
find it hard to trust so easily and make people as close friends. I feel like I haven’t found my
confidence in anyone. I keep things to myself most of the time but, sometimes when I feel the
need to open up it takes a lot of courage. I have been told that I talk a lot and as soon as I start
talking I never tend to stop unless told to. I feel like that is true about me because there is always
something going on with me that leads me to talk a lot and explain what im talking about. My
mother had told me that when I was really young I was the quietest. I also see myself as very
patient person. I work in a senior living where I deal with patients who are diagnosed with
different types of diseases and sickness. Having patience means being able to wait calmly in the
face of frustration and I do that mostly everyday either at work or my personal life.
I like all types of music if they have a meaning to them. I believe every song has its own
story to tell. I like to eat different types of foods except seafood. I never understood why I never
liked seafood when I was young. I love to play Basketball. When I was young I always wanted to
join a team but never had the chance to due to work and the responsibilities I already had. I feel
like I didn’t enjoy my childhood as much but I believe one day that will all be made up when I
get stable with life and financially and enjoy life. I can not tolerate bullying, abuse, or any harm
that is out there to humans or animals. It upsets me sometimes to hear or find out about the
cruelty that’s happening between human vs human or human vs animals. I believe that Domestic
violence against humans, animals or any living things can cause temporary or permanent
disability. People with disabilities experience higher rates of domestic violence, sexual assault
and abuse. On the other hand, The shocking number of animal cruelty cases reported every day is
just the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes most cases are never reported. I sometimes wish things like
that never existed.
When I was young I always felt like I have a purpose here in life to do something or be
something big. I mean, everyone is here for a reason and everything happens for a reason but for
my case I can’t figure it out yet. It might take me some time to figure it out but i’ll get there. As
of now, I try my hardest to stay happy and enjoy life. I feel like you live once and enjoy that one
life you have been handed to the fullest. When I was young I didn’t have many things to do or be
involved in other than working and school, but now I feel like I have more freedom and more
opportunity to go out there and explore. I Have learned to stay positive and create a mindset to
stay happy and avoid all the negativity in my life. I want to get my associates in nursing at
community college and transfer a nursing school to get my RN licenses. When I was in high
school I used to be in a welding pathway for 3 years. The reason why I got into welding is
because I wanted to experience or have something in common my dad used to have. I lost my
dad when I was 6 years old. It’s been tough sometimes growing up without a father beside you
but, my siblings and I were able to manage it thanks to my mother for being 2 different parents at

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