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For this assignment, you are to read current news articles about Latin America from the website for the North American Congress of Latin America (NACLA) and submit three short reviews during the semester. Please submit one review per due date. Each review is to be at least 3-4 pages and each due date corresponds to a regional topic in Latin America. The due dates for these reports are February 11 and 25; and March 11. Here are the regional topics corresponding to each due date:February 11: Mexico, Border issues and immigration, United States foreign policy, and Latinx communities

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Mexico, Border issues and immigration, United States foreign policy, and Latinx
Majd Naeem
Grossmont college
History 115: Comparative History of the Modern Americas
Professor Oscar R. Cañedo
February 11, 2022
During the 2016 presidential election campaign in the United States, President Donald
Trump proposed a variety of policies to address illegal immigration. One of his campaign
promises was to build a wall along the US’s southern border, stretching the length of the USMexico border, to stop illegal migration of Mexicans and Central Americans. According to the
US Department of Homeland Security, the wall would cost $21.6 billion and take three years to
Under Secretary Michael Chertoff, the US Homeland Security Department, which
oversees Customs Border Protection, ignored a number of federal regulations in April 2008 in
order to expedite the building of the more than 91-mile border wall barrier in all four Arizona
border counties. The bollard barrier would be 30 feet tall and would be part of a system. The
wall, according to US Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, is a complete wall
system that differs from a fence in that it includes technology. Waiving these environmental
restrictions provided the Executive unrestricted authority to continue building the border wall
without regard for the environmental consequences. Scientists and environmental groups have
been at the forefront of protesting the wall’s construction due to the vast negative impact it will
have on the environment. The following are some of the effects of the border wall:
Work teams cut down a saguaro cactus in Arizona, destroying cactuses that had been
preserved to make room for the new wall on the Southwest border. Native American elders have
warned that this might put the ecosystem and archeological sites at jeopardy. Blasting activities
for the construction of the border wall in Arizona are damaging Native American traditional
lands and burial grounds, which serve as a resting place for predominantly Apache warriors.
Destroying wildlife refuges, rare crystalline streams and desert springs give the United
States the sole natural home for Ro Yaqui fish, an endangered species, along the boundary of the
San Bernardino national wildlife refuge in South-Eastern Arizona, where the 30ft-high wall is
being erected. Experts believe that the construction of Trump’s wall has lowered the water levels
at San Bernardino, making it difficult for the shiner, Yaqui topminnow, Yaqui catfish, and chub
to find a natural habitat.
As President Trump advised Americans to remain at home in the aftermath of the Covid19, his government filed litigation to acquire property to build the border wall. Critics of the wall
building project said that the administration was using the epidemic to push through a political
agenda. As a result, legal fights with the property owners have erupted. Due to insecurity, the US
wished to control the flow of people and goods over the border, preventing unlawful entrance of
either into the country. The existing obstacles, according to the federal authorities, were
insufficient since there was no barrier.
Randy Serraglio, a conservationist with the Border Policing, has long believed that border
walls were unnecessary since they would be prohibitively expensive, an engineering nightmare,
and still wouldn’t guarantee border security. To guarantee that our patrol personnel are properly
equipped, advanced equipment such as aerial drones and radios are required. Interiors
enforcement can also be used as a backup to capture those who have overstayed their visas.
As both governments attack each other, the author laments and becomes enraged. The
Mexican government is desecrating Native American burial grounds, while the Trump
administration wants to widen the border between the two nations. This will make moving harder
throughout this phase of Covid 19. The present epidemic is being used by the Trump government
to remove citizens and private investors from their homes. Because of the regulations imposed
by both countries, the relationship between contemporary America and Mexico is worsening.
The author is enraged by the ongoing division that exists between the two countries. The
erection of the boundaries is regarded as a form of restraint. “Will permits us to envision the
borderlands as something else, a wasteland or a pathological zone,” the authors write. The plot is
based on a bond between the two countries that dates back decades. The present interventions
suggest that they are concerned about their relationship.
Economic activities are barred when movement is restricted, because all economic
activities require movement and a healthy relationship. This makes it harder for Mexicans to
invest in the United States. The US government terrified Mexicans in the early 1900s by seizing
much of their resources, including factories, mining sites, and agricultural hubs.
As a result, the Mexican government is forced to levy high taxes on small enterprises and
working people, encouraging them to leave the nation. This march will be halted by the
establishment of a lengthy and well defended frontier. The political climate in the United States
has shifted dramatically over time, with the present administration assuming complete authority.
The cultures of the United States have been the most impacted by contemporary events. The
culture of citizen protection has been impacted by the creation of the borders. Individual mobility
is further hampered by the artificially formed waterways. The diverted waters of the Colorado
River, which support the Imperial Valley’s agricultural sector in southern California, for
example, served as a strong barrier to undocumented border crossers. Irrigation was utilized to
modify the borders, resulting in the creation of a large number of employment and a boost to the
Hotspots, B. C. Nature Divided, Scientists United: US–Mexico Border Wall Threatens
Biodiversity and Binational Conservation.
Garcia, A. C. (2019). Bordering work in contemporary political discourse: The case of the
US/Mexico border wall proposal. Discourse & Society, 30(6), 573-599.
Rael, R. (2017). Borderwall as architecture: A manifesto for the US-Mexico boundary. Univ of
California Press.

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Immigration Courts

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