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Search for a geoscience journal article summary related to the topic. Write a minimum of a 200-word summary your article. Do not copy and paste any part of the article summary. But, summarize it in your own words. Avoid jargon and highly technical words. If you have to use any specialized language beyond the scope of this course, be sure to define your terms in your summary.
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Address the following points in your summary:
What research methods did the researchers use?
What were the main conclusions of the research?
What interested you about this research?

Student 1
Scientists from the Australian National University have found that the geology and biology studies agree on timing of the breakup of the Pangaea continent into today’s continent. A lead researcher named Sarah Mclntyre created a comparison between the geologic dating of the great continental drift and the biological dating of the genetic drift, plus Sarah received assistance in other research methods. A biologist named Professor Colin Groves created a procedure that excluded species that could easily migrate from a continent to another, and another associate named Dr. Lineweaver studied how long the continents were isolated from each other, and if any species evolve into a hypothetical intelligence niche. As a result, they had to verify if the geological and biological methods agree which it did. According to Dr. Lineweaver, the result was only the tip of the iceberg of what can be done with all the new sequence data and the divergence dates that can be extracted. I have always been interested in the scientific field of Pangaea because I think that it can give scientists an idea of what and how is Earth’s condition as a living thing which I believe is like a foundation of science. One part that has caught my curiosity is how different would the scientific research methods and its conclusions be if Pangaea stayed as a super continent or if it split into smaller continents at a much different time. In addition, if any of those scenarios occurred then that would mean that our environmental backgrounds would be the same if every individual would originate from that one continent, so how would our history turn out if this would occur?
student 2

Jessica Pilarczyk and a team of researchers from Simon Fraser University discovered, based on large earthquakes from Tokyo, can be recognized as a seismic hazard source. After the massive 9 earthquake hit eastern Japan in 2011, Pilarczyk and her team decided to study the geological history of Japan, discovering sandy deposits from Boso Peninsula region. This gave evidence showing the Philippine sea/pacific plate has produced large events such as the event which occurred in 2011. Continuing on the team used the research methods of radiocarbon dating, geologic and historical records, as well as the use of paleoecology ( the study of fossil animals and plants) the team discovered the three plates ( continental Philippine sea plate, continental pacific plate, and Philippine sea/pacific plate) are the source of a 1,000 year old earthquake based on the 13 models they put together with their research. The reason this 1,000 year old earthquake was so relevant was due to it possibly being connected with the earthquakes japan has recently experienced. The main point after all of their conclusions was the idea that the oceanic Philippine sea plate underthrusts the continental plate but also that the pacific plate subducts the oceanic Philippine sea plate in the area of Izu-Bonin trench and can be deemed as hazards but not from the oceanic Philippine plate alone. The head of the team, Pilarczyk, concluded with the statement that she hoped this information would be useful towards Japan being better informed. I found the use of different sources the team uses towards their advantage the most interesting. Backtracking the 2011 event that occurred in Japan to an earthquake which occurred 1,000 years previously was quite impressive. I know we’ve discussed modern discoveries helping asses what occurred in the past, but it still impresses me and makes me wonder what else we have yet to discover.

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Invasive Plants

Longevity of Trees

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