Foothill College Joseph McCarthy & WWII History Worksheet


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Week 04 Reading Quiz
Started: Jan 24 at 7:41am
Quiz Instructions
Starting in week two (2), you will complete a short quiz each week that pertains to the readings which are assigned
for that week. Since I want you to come prepared to class, the quiz is due on Monday 9:00am PST.
The quiz consists of 4-5 multiple choice questions for which you will have one (1) attempt. Although the quiz will not
be timed, it should
not take you more than ten (10) minutes.
Question 1
0.25 pts
In this chapter, Olmstead analyzes a conspiracy theory about…
the FBI taking over the U.S. government.
Nazis taking over the U.S. government.
communists taking over the U.S. government.
All of the above.
Question 2
0.25 pts
How was the Red Scare (fear of communism) and the Great Spy Scare (fear of Soviet spies)
rooted in WWII?
Because the Soviets had established spy networks in the U.S. during WWII.
Because the Soviets refused to ally with the U.S. in WWII.
Because Klaus Fuchs and David Greenglass had engaged in nuclear espionage for the U.S. and the
U.S. government feared retaliation from the Soviets.
None of the above.
Question 3
0.25 pts
What role did Elizabeth Bentley play in the Great Spy Scare of the 1940s and 1950s?
It turned out that she was the only spy for the Soviets which made the Great Spy Scare look ridiculous.
The FBI had to pressure her into publishing her story which then scared the public.
She provided curcial evidence that eventually resulted in the conviction of Hans Fuchs.
The FBI convinced her to become a double agent whereby she was supposed to gather evidence against
other Soviet spies.
Question 4
0.25 pts
Who was Joseph McCarthy?
The author of the so-called Pumpkin Papers.
The head of the FBI during the 1940s and the 1950s.
He convinced Truman not to believe in J. Edgar Hoover’s accusations about spies subverting the U.S.
He accused many members of the U.S. government of being Soviet spies.
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