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Write a original C program that runs on ocelot for a tuition calculator using only the command line options. You must use getopt to parse the command line.The calculator will do a base tuition for enrollment and then will add on fees for the number of courses, for the book pack if purchased for parking fees, and for out of state tuition. Usage: tuition [-bs] [-c cnum] [-p pnum] baseThe variable base is the starting base tuition where the base should be validated to be an integer between 1000 and 4000 inclusive. It would represent a base tuition for enrolling in the school and taking 3 courses. Error message and usage shown if not valid.The -c option cnum adds that number of courses to the number of courses taken and a fee of 300 onto the base. The cnum should be a positive integer between 1 and 4 inclusive. Error message and usage shown if not valid.The -s adds 25% to the base including the extra courses for out of state tuition.The -b option it would represent a per course fee of 50 on top of the base for the book pack. Remember to include the original 3 courses and any additional courses.The -p adds a fee indicated by pnum to the base. This should be a positive integer between 25 and 200. Error message and usage shown if not valid.Output should have exactly 2 decimal places no matter what the starting values are as we are talking about money.If -c is included, it is executed first. If -s is included it would be executed next. The -b would be executed after the -s and finally the -p is executed.There will be at most one of each option, if there are more than one you can use the last one in the calculation.Create a simple Makefile to compile your program into an executable called tuition.Test your program with the following command lines and take a screenshot after running the lines. The command prompt should be viewable.tuition -b 2000result: 2150.00tuition -b -c 2 -p 25 4000result: 4875.00tuition -s -c 1 -p 50 -b 2000result: 3125.00tuition -p 200result: missing base

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