FIU Programming Languages Implementation Comparison Worksheet


Hi you helped me with part 1 (with the paper) can you please help me with part 2? Thank you! Instructions below:
Class Project 2 – Implementation ComparisonIntroduction:Our Class Project 1 had the goal of writing a report on a certain programming language of your choice, especially in regards to its paradigm(s), writability, readability, running and reasoning. Now the emphasis will be given to design, evaluation and implementation. You will be writing a program in a couple of languages.This project is individual, but collaboration is encouraged.In Class Project 1, you chose a programming language (except Java). You will need to use this same language to write a program for this project.Tasks:Task A – Implement 2 of the following popular algorithms using the language chosen in Class Project 1.Task B – Implement the same 2 algorithms you chose in another language of your choice (Java included).Algorithms:QuicksortMergesortEgg DroppingCoin ChangeLongest Common SubsequenceLongest Increasing SubsequenceHeap SortBreadth First SearchDepth First SearchKruskal’s AlgorithmBinary SearchPrim’s AlgorithmBellman Ford AlgorithmDijkstra AlgorithmSecure Hash AlgorithmInteger FactorizationSelection SortTask C – Once the 2 algorithms chosen are implemented in both languages, please write a maximum 1-page report comparing each implementation in regards to writability, readability, running and reasoning.Deliverables:One only pdf file containing:The source code of the program implemented in the 1st language chosen (you may take screenshots of the source code if you prefer)The source code of the program implemented in the 2nd language chosen (you may take screenshots of the source code if you prefer)The 1-page report of the implementation comparison Format for 1-page report:1 inch margins (left and right)1.5 inch margins (top and bottom)12 point times font for the main text, and use 10 point courier font for computer codeSingle space your textMake the text fully-justifiedUse your judgement for other situationsCreativity plays an important role in this project.

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Implementation Comparison

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