Explain what type of experiment you would run to test your hypothesis. – Essaylink

For this discussion you need to:
Start with a question or observation
Use your question or observation to create a hypothesis
Explain what type of experiment you would run to test your hypothesis. You need to include enough detail that I could run your experiment.
You also need to identify your dependent and independent variables.
Remember to get full credit you must respond to all prompts, respond in complete, coherent sentences, and your discussion must be a minimum of 5 sentences.
Here is my example:
The question I will be investigating is, “Are double stuff Oreos truly double stuffed?”. My hypothesis is that double stuff Oreos should have double the stuffing of regular Oreos. To test this hypothesis I will get bags of both regular Oreos and double stuff Oreos. I will run two types of experiments: one will look at weight, the other will look at volume. For the weight experiment I will scrape the filling off 10 regular Oreos and 10 double stuff Oreos. I will weigh the filling from each cookie and then find an average for my 10 cookies. If the data support my hypothesis, then the double stuff Oreo filling should be about twice the weight of the regular Oreo filling. The other experiment I will run is to compare volume. Volume is a three dimensional measurement so I will measure the radius and the height of the filling for 10 regular Oreos and 10 double stuff Oreos. Then I will use the equation for volume of a sphere to determine the volume of filling for each cookie. I will average the 10 measurements for each type of cookie. For the data to support my hypothesis, the volume of filling in a double stuff Oreo should be twice the volume of filling in a regular Oreo. The independent variable in my experiment is the type of cookie, the dependent variables are the weight of filling in the first experiment and the volume of filling in the second experiment.

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