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Learning Outcome #3
Evaluate and apply relevant scientific evidence to advance health.

Answer the following questions based on the research articles you chose. Use one worksheet for each article. Need to do at least three articles. Please note there is no space limitation, so don’t try to fit your answer in the space; you can take as much room as you need.

Full citation (APA format)

What is the big question?
Summarize this in 2-5 sentences

Summarize the background in five sentences or less
What work has already been done?
What is the gap (or what is not known)?

Identify the specific question of this study (or questions)
Could also be called “specific aims”

Identify the Approach
How did the authors go about trying to answer this question?

Draw a diagram for the experiment(s) that the authors did
(found in the “Methods” section)

How did the data analysis answer the research question, hypothesis, or specific aims?
(found in the “Results” section)

How did the research results compare with the research question, hypothesis, or specific aims?

Write at least one paragraph summarizing the results of each experiment.
Summaries are in your own words

Summarize (in your own words) what the authors concluded
What did the authors say these results mean?

Write a paragraph on your conclusion as compared to the authors’ conclusion.

Write 2-3 sentences on what the authors say were some limitations of the study?

After reading the abstract, do the abstract and the article match?
Defend your answer

Write a paragraph on how this article pertains to your change project?

Write 3-5 sentences on whether this article should lead to further research (and what could be researched based on this article)

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