GENERAL CRITERIA:   All projects will include the following requirements:

  • Neatly laid out CAD drawings of the prints for the project of your choice,                                                                          One or more prints for each panel or system in your choice – Save your CAD drawings,

Export them to PDFs, email these drawings to me or Dropbox before December 11th

  • Information as to the sizes of conduit,  type & size of conductors, and any other relevant data, to be put in a legend, or conduit sizes and conductor info can also be labeled on the prints, or a colour code could be used for different sizes of conduit.
  • ALL wiring is to be installed in conduit, EMT, Rigid steel or PVC, and each conduit is to have a bonding conductor pulled in as well (sized correctly as per Table 16))
  • Draw out each conduit layout from each panel or equipment and indicate where the Junction boxes will be located (as instructed in lecture)
  • All conductors will be RWXPLE90 600V without a jacket  (Table 10A).
  • Add any other information you think helpful from the specifications and original prints, or panel schedules, feel free to make some modifications to specs and explain why
  • You also MUST individually ALL hand in a Peer Review form to get marked!
  • a Written report in Word with a cover page with the names of all the members of your group    (maximum size is three – Individuals are fine as well if desired)
  • 10% Deduction for each day your project is late up to 4 days then 0%

CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: Then email me your choice and group, first come first serve, then I will decide on your choice.

1]   LIGHTING fed from Panels LPD,  LPE, LPF and  EM, (include a branch circuit for the three  OUTSIDE LIGHTs (for the addition only)  –                                                        (MOST  lighting conduits will be run overhead in EMT conduit)( 30 marks – 20 marks for panel layouts & accurate conduit sizing,  and switching, and 10 marks for quality of work!)

  • Do some research and come up with two specific applications where you could use addressable/ and or wifi lighting systems in this construction project. Explain the usage, and list Makes and models of your choice of equipment, include references.                                                                                                                  Also include on a conduit layout, one of the outdoor systems. (one for the outdoor fixtures, can include parking lot or outdoor lights,  and one indoors.)   (10 marks )
    •   References, some relevant Code rules, Specs with a short explanations,  which apply to the lighting, in the new addition including Emergency and exit lights, revisions to Specs and Panel schedules you have made, using the templates on D2L ?     ( 10 marks)
    • Two samples of the complete calculations you did for conduit sizing (two different sizes).

2]  POWER from – Panels  PP101, PP102,  PP103,  PP201 and LPE (not lighting)

(All roof  equipment to be run overhead in EMT conduit,  and any receptacles

to be run in PVC in the slab)

  • (35 marks – 25 marks for panel layouts and accurate conduit sizing,

Roof disconnects,  and  layout and 10 marks for quality of work!)


connected to a Telephone Panel in the new Electrical room.  Layout out jacks and any other communication  connections as per your design where you think good locations would be for Telephone jacks, include specs and reason for locations of jacks   (8 marks )

  • References, some relevant Code rules, Specs with a short explanations,

which apply to these panels, protection, breaker sizes, revisions to Specs and Panel schedules you have made, using the templates on D2L ?  (7 marks)

  • Two samples of the complete calculations you did for conduit sizing (two different sizes).

3]  POWER DISTRIBUTION ESTIMATE –  Create a material estimate for the    power distribution portion of these blueprints in the new addition.                                             From the Main Switchboard to all power and lighting panels, including transformers, splitters, and disconnect switches.

  • Use your rulers to measure how long your conduit runs will be and put in a table
  • complete a well labeled CAD drawing of the conduit feeds to all equipment being estimated on, these are the feeds to all the panels and equipment listed below
  • You will have to decide if you are using EMT conduit and going across the ceiling to feed each panel, or if you should use or Rigid conduit and go in the slab.
  • Using the Raceway and Cable schedule on pages 358-359, you can determine what size of Cable and how many are needed.
  • Using Tables 6, 8, 9 Tables & 10A in your CEC, ”code book” you can determine what size of Each conduit that will be needed.  [Show ALL conduit calculations].
  • Include references from specs and CEC around Service equipment to support why this Electrical equipment is installed with certain methods
  • The information below provides information on where each panel, disconnect, transformer, and splitter is fed from. The Main Switchboard is not included.

                  Notes conduit cost includes fittings

  • All 347/600volt or 600volt panels cost $1200.00 each
  • All 120/208volt panels cost $800.00 each
  • 150 KVA transformer cost is $1500.00 each
  • All disconnects with fuses cost $500.00 each
  • 600amp splitter will cost $600.00 each
  • Feeder Busduct will cost $625 per 10’ foot sections (including hangers & fittings)
  • Busplug Busduct will cost $900 per 10’ foot sections (including hangers & fittings)

Here is the breakdown;

  1. Main Switchboard to Distribution panel “DP” 101
  2. From DP-101 to PP- 101
  3. From DP-101 to LP-D
  4. From DP-101 to Transformer T-103
  5. From Transformer T-103 to Splitter T-103
  6. From Splitter T-103 to Disconnect #1
  7. From Disconnect #1 to LP-F
  8. From Splitter T-103 to Disconnect #2
  9. From Disconnect #2 to PP-102
  10. From Splitter T-103 to Disconnect #3
  11. From Splitter T-103 to LP-E
  • Main Switchboard to PP-103
  • From PP-103 to PP-201
  • Busduct – Feeder and Distribution Busway from Main Switchboard

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