Eastlake High School Coronavirus Response Discussion


View the attached PowerPoint and post a response to their work. Paragraph should be at least 5-7 sentences long.Respond thoughtfully. Just saying “I agree” or “I disagree” does not constitute a thoughtful response. The response needs to be substantive to promote further discussion, new ideas, or questions.

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Who Are The People Most At Risk
• The people most at risk are the elderly, and those in minority groups.
• People who suffer from diabetes, heart disease, and lung diseases
• Some people who are also at risk the less educated, the poorer class
of citizens, and those with less access to health care.
• Another group of people that can contract the Corona Virus are those on
the front line workers. A nurse just die, and I think a few police officers.
• These are some of the
most susceptible
candidates for Corvid
How Are People Dealing with Covid 19?
• I guess they are dealing with the worldwide pandemic as best as they can.
• People are drinking some adult beverage, some are binge watching T .V, some
are baking, post videos, reaching out to friends, and family via their
devices, listening to music, and whatever makes them happy.
• Some people on the other hand might be having difficulties dealing with this
current way of living.
What Resources Are Available to the public?
• There are several resources available to the public namely:
• 2.2 trillion dollars in the form of the Economic Relief package. $300 billion
will go directly to house wholes.
• Scientists are constantly conducting test to develop a vaccine. They are saying
within one to two years. * They are currently testing a vaccine on humans.
The first volunteer injected in the arm is from Moderna. This happened in
What Resources Are Available to the Public?
• Food Stamp cards are being issued.
• Small businesses are receiving financial help, but some small business owners
are saying they are not getting the required assistance.
• Some students who qualifies will receive financial money.
• The press, news medias, radio stations are keeping the public informed
about the up to date changes.
• Organizations, celebrities, food banks are helping with donations.
What Are the Most Valuable Resources?

The most valuable resources are those that one needs to survive.
Medicine/ vaccine
Shelter in the case of the homeless.
Knowledge, and reliable information so as to let the public know the next

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7 Sentences

heart disease

minority groups


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