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An important part of being a tech professional is staying current on trends, technology, and news, for your chosen field. This includes new or emerging technologies, legal considerations, security, and trends in business.  If you don’t already have multiple sources in your digital-consumption diet for these topics, this assignment aims to remedy that! Ideally, you discover and are knowledgeable about large changes, events, security concerns, and technologies before your Managers/Directors/Executives do.
Picture a scenario where your director sees on CNN that there’s a new zero day for Windows/Cisco/Intel/Juniper/iOS/OSX, or the latest Ransomware that’s leveling entire companies. The director is concerned as your company uses {technology}, and walks to your office to ask what the plan is to address the threat. Which is a better response, “What zero day?” or “We’ve isolated all machines that have that vulnerability and are applying the {vendor} patch/fix as we speak”.  Or, since this is a Systems Design and Analysis class, you need to be aware of emergent threats, tech, or legal changes, and best practices to help produce the best systems possible throughout your roles in the SDLC
The same applies to any major legislation, court cases, injunctions, etc. that could affect your business or operations. Imagine the impact that a landmark privacy act that’s on the verge of being signed into law and requires an overhaul by X date for how private data is handled/stored. Being aware and knowledgeable is always preferable to the alternative, and by consistently seeking new information you’ll begin to identify trends, patterns, and become more effective professionals.
Find three websites, tech blogs, or academic journals as your sources. Find two articles, posts, or entries from each source. This is a total of six (6!) items you’ll be writing on.
Provide a link to each article from each source in your assignment submission, along with at minimum four sentences for each article/post/entry explaining what the article is about, and any thoughts you have about it. Please enter your submission text in the provided space, not as a separate document. 
If you’re having trouble finding inspiration on what to write about after reading your chosen source, ask yourself the following questions:
How does this affect the industry?

Who does this affect?

Is this good, bad or neutral? Why?

What could the potential impact be?

Is this a new issue? Is it ongoing? Why?

If you do not have any go-to tech blogs or sites you currently frequent, try googling “best tech news sites” or “best tech blogs” for an easy starting point. 
The below is an example of what one of the six article/post write ups would look like:…

(Links to an external site.)This article is about a new zero-day attack that exploits Oracle WebLogic server to install ransomware. I think the impact of this is high, because Oracle WebLogic server applications are often installed on high power, large bandwidth servers that are used in high-security cloud environments which makes them high-value targets. Staying aware of new attacks/vulnerabilities the day they come out is important so I can patch my company’s systems before they get attacked/infected and cause damage to the enterprise.

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