CUNY John Jay College Criminal Justice Binary Search Tree Programming Project


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Part I: General Information
All assignments are individual assignments unless it is notified otherwise.
All assignments must be submitted via Blackboard. No late submissions or e-mail submissions or hard
copies will be accepted.
Unlimited submission attempts will be allowed on Blackboard. Only the last attempt will be graded.
Work will be rejected with no credit if
■ The work is late.
The work is not submitted properly (Blurry, wrong files, crashed files, files that can’t open, etc.).
The work is a copy or partial copy of others’ work (such as work from another person or the
Students must turn in their original work. Any cheating violation will be reported to the college.
Students can help others by sharing ideas and should not allow others to copy their work.
Documents to be submitted:

O Scheme source file(s) with inline comments with file extension .rkt
O Test case document with file extension .PDF
Students are required to submit a design, all the error-free source files with Javadoc style inline
comments and supporting files. Lack of any of the required items or programs with errors will result in
a low credit or no credit.Part III: Description

Review and develop a deep and comprehensive understanding of functional programming
Review and develop a deep and comprehensive understanding of the divide-and-conquer technique and
programming technique such as recursion
Review and develop a deep and comprehensive understanding of data structures such as binary search trees
Please read the following requirements carefully. A program that doesn’t meet the following requirements may be
returned with 0 points awarded.
Use Scheme as a pure functional programming language.
The following basic functions are allowed to be used for this assignment.
O Primitive Numeric Functions: +, -, *, /, QUOTIENT, and MODULO.
o Defining Functions: LAMBDA, and DEFINE.
Numeric Predicate Functions: =, , >, =,

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binary search tree

preorder traversal

functions in a program

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